2011 Training Log GIVEAWAY

Welcome to my inaugural GIVEAWAY!
(This is my way of saying Thank You for reading my blog so I hope you participate and have some fun too!)
I’m very particular about journaling and keeping a record of things – which is one of the reasons why I enjoy blogging so much! I believe it is important to actually write down (a) our goals and (b) see our progress in obtaining those goals. Seeing your goals in writing is very motivating and it is even more motivating to see your progress and watch your dreams become a reality! I journal about many things on a regular basis – running included (in fact, it’s my favorite thing to keep track of!), therefore keeping a training log is a top priority for me. In fact, I have been keeping a log since I started running, but it has not been until midway through last year that I found the perfect log.
And that would be…The Sport Tech 2011 Training Log! Here’s what it looks like:
I like this log for many reasons and never hesitate to recommend it to my fellow runners (or those non-runners that I am trying to encourage to run!) because of it’s simplicity and unique detail. I’ve tried many many logs – online sites, paper, and mobile – and none of them compare to this log.
Why I love it (in no particular order):
  • It’s pre-dated for the whole year. I don’t have to worry about making sure I don’t skip a date and mess up the entire log!
  • It’s small, thin, and compact, but there is plenty of room for all of my notes! I can’t stand logs that offer minimal writing space when I have important things to say. This training log has space for daily and weekly comments so I can get all of my details about my runs in somewhere – without having to cram!
  • It has a space for course, distance, time, and pace. All the essential details of my runs.
  • It has a place on each page for monthly totals, weekly mileage, and yearly mileage. No more going back to January in August trying to figure out if I am making my mileage goals. Plus, I enjoy watching the miles rack up from week to week!
  • And quite possibly my favorite feature? The log has a space each and every week for race information – Race Name, Comments, Time, Pace, Overall and Age Division Place. Keeping track of races and performance is really important to me – I see my PR’s and I want to keep working harder to accomplish new ones!
  • Each page features one whole week in a spiral-bound notebook that is both light and durable making it ideal to carry with you in a purse or running bag. I take mine on the go from time to time if I need to update more than a day or two.
  • It has a Pace Chart in the back for race distances from a 5K to Marathon for quick reference.
  • It is really affordable – one log will cost you just about ten bucks and you can order one online and have it shipped directly to you (stocking stuffers, anyone?)! The log pages look like this:
Why you need one:
  • As I said, it’s perfect! You will never use another log again!
  • It is important to keep track of our goals in a place where we can go back and review them from time to time, which helps hold us accountable and obtain what we set out to do. It’s empowering to actually write it down instead of letting Garmin do the work or cut and paste on your computer screen.
  • It’s almost a new year, why not a new training log?
The Giveaway (Finally, I know!):
Besides being kind and offering quality customer service when I ordered my own log, Phil at www.sportechtraininglog.com was more than generous to send me a few extras to give away to you! In fact, I will select three winners via random.org and not only will I send a log for you, but I will also send a second log for your training buddy or friend.
All you have to do is (please leave me a comment for each):
  1. Become a follower of my blog or let me know that you already are. (1 Entry)
  2. Spread the word! Post my giveaway on your blog, sidebar, Facebook, and/or Twitter. (1 Entry for each one you do!)
  3. Tell me at least one of your running related goals for 2011. (1 Entry)
  4. Tell me at least one feature you think you would like about the training log! (1 Entry)
This giveaway will run until midnight on Sunday, December 19, and the winner will be announced here on Monday, December 20. I want to get your logs out to you before the new year so you can start the running year of on the right foot! 😉
A special thank you to Phil at www.sportechtraininglog.com for making it possible for me to give away such an awesome product on my blog!


  1. I’m a follower =) hooray for 1st giveaway. I will support you on this =)

  2. My goal next year is to join one race event every month and join the NY marathon =)

  3. I like the fact that you actually write things down. In this age of technology, I still believe in jotting things down the old school way =)

  4. already a follower. love your blog. your such an inspiration.

  5. linked on sidebar of blog

  6. twittered about it at run4may

  7. and…. fb about it at run4may page

  8. to run at least 11 races in 2011. wasn’t able to reach my goad for 2010 due to finances, much more challenging than i imagined.

  9. I love the heart and inspiration that is put behind everything on your blog.

  10. Crafty Jogger says

    Wooohoo!! Congrats on your first official giveaway… I’m excited that I get to enter =)! I’m a follower!

  11. Crafty Jogger says

    Added giveaway link to my blog!

  12. Crafty Jogger says

    Twitter’d it!

  13. Crafty Jogger says

    2011 running goal: To complete a half marathon!

  14. This is exciting! I am a follower

  15. Running goal – to increase the speed! Finish a half in 2:30

  16. Feature I love? I love a journal – just writing it down and being able to flip thru pages and compare notes is awesome.

  17. It’s been twittered!

  18. Kovas Palubinskas says


  19. Kovas Palubinskas says

    Tweeeted @kovasp

  20. Kovas Palubinskas says

    I’m running my first ultra in 2011

  21. I follow your blog!

  22. The pace chart would be handy to have around!

  23. One of my goals is to maintain my mileage over the winter. This is hard for me since I’m less motivated by treadmill running so I signed up for an early spring 10K to keep myself prepared!

  24. follower. Goal is to run 4 100 milers in 2011

  25. I’m a follower!!!

  26. I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  27. I tweeted ~ windyrunner

  28. I posted the giveaway on Facebook.

  29. Goals for 2011 ~ Set a marathon PR and finish the 24 hour run in March.

  30. I like that there is still plenty of room for comments on the training log.

  31. I posted the giveaway on my blog.

  32. The pace chart would be handy to have around!

  33. already a follower. love your blog. your such an inspiration.

  34. I’m a follower =) hooray for 1st giveaway. I will support you on this =)

  35. Running goal – to increase the speed! Finish a half in 2:30

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