7th Heaven

Our MIT group run this morning was AWESOME!! I had so much fun running with and getting to know some of the other people in our pace group. I think from miles 2-5, I might have even forgotten we were running! I LOVE watching people do what they think they can’t – like run without walking or run 2 miles or run 5 miles or make it up a hill – it reminds me every time of why I started running and what I have accomplished since then.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO DO!! I was telling some of the ladies in my group today that I have been EXACTLY where they are and they are doing something amazing out there on the trails – only less than 1% of the population will ever run a marathon – seeing them accomplish a 5 mile run today for the first time was truly inspiring to me!
Today was my first day of pace coaching, and it was so rewarding for me. I am so happy to be able to help other people achieve the things I have through running. New strength and endurance. Increased self-confidence. A positive outlook. Healthy eating habits. A slimmer, healthier physique. Inner drive and determination. Mental toughness and commitment to achieving my goals. Improved energy and enthusiasm. Happiness!
I am already looking forward to next Saturday, but I don’t want it to stop with Saturdays, I want to help people achieve their health and fitness (and personal!) goals everyday. There is no bigger motivator in my own life than to see individuals achieving their dreams – achieving what they once believed to be impossible – especially when it comes to running because I’ve been there too. Unhappy and unmotivated. Feeling like I couldn’t accomplish anything. Overweight and unhealthy. Depressed and miserable at how out of control my life was. Dependent on sugar and food chemicals. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing if I could start to make positive changes in my life. Running has helped me do all of these things and more.
I had a great 7 mile run today! I feel like I am on track for Pittsburgh and even if I get a little off track between now and race day, I know I have the support of a great team and an even greater Pace Coach – Duane – to support me every step of the way. I am looking forward to making my dream of running a full marathon this spring a reality. And I know I won’t have to do it alone.
I am also really thankful to have the support and encouragement of my husband. He listens to me ramble on about running stories (even when I am sure he would rather not). He eats my healthy food (even when I am sure he would rather not). He tells me I am beautiful (even when I am sure I would rather him not).
Tonight he cooked a fabulous-extra-flavorful-coma-inducing-carb dinner: Homemade French Bread Pizza with cheese, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and pretty much every kind of pepper we had in the house. The “secret” is in the sautéing of the different ingredients. I still don’t understand quite how he gets it to taste quite the way it does. Or how it comes out so crispy and oozy and ready-to-eat:
Even these two were waiting for their share (they’re still waiting by the way):
 We watched Inception (not that I’m obsessed or anything) and now I think I am ready for bed! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend too!
Sweet dreams of running,


  1. Sounds like a really fun and rewarding time.

  2. Ooooooh, that pizza looks and sounds amazing. I LOVE pizza. Pizza with peppers? Food coma, please.

    It sounds like the running coach position is perfect for you. You’ve got to be feeling pretty darn satisfied with life right now. 🙂

    The daily weigh-ins have taught me not to feel shocked when, after a great week of eating and exercising, I see a gain on the scale. Tomorrow or the next day, the loss will be there. Good luck to you!!!

  3. Great post! Can you be my pace coach?? 🙂

  4. Love your blog! So, I gave you an award on my blog!


  5. Great post! Can you be my pace coach?? 🙂

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