Account of a Wine-derful Visit from St. Nicholas

Account of a Wine-derful Visit from St. Nicholas

By Sara A. Wyen
‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the cellar,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a feller;
The barrels were stacked in the basement with care.
In hopes that the Winemaker soon would be there;
The bottles were nestled, all snug in their crates.
Anxiously awaiting the addition of freights;
The juices were ready, both sweet and tart-
From the grapes of the world, a promising start.
When up in the winery was heard a great racket;
It seemed the Winemaker was missing many a packet.
Of yeast! Without which no wine could he make;
Just as bread with no flower will bake.
And what to do with so little time;
And many a variety to make of wine.
In angst, the Winemaker, a silent wish did say-
For the missing packet to return before a dawning Christmas Day;
He winced and he grimaced and he hoped really hard,
When he heard a strange sound from out in the yard-
He threw open the door and peered out to see;
A jolly good fellow chuckling with glee.
He was dressed all in red with a beard white as snow.
Perched on a sleigh his face quite aglow;
The sleigh it was drawn by eight prancing deer;
The Winemaker stumbled and gasped with fear.
‘Be not afraid,’ said the man with a look;
And from under his arm he produced a great book.
His eyes were twinkling as he opened it wide-
While the Winemaker considered running inside.
His finger it lingered over the list of deeds;
The reindeer they stomped, eager at their leads.
‘Sir Winemaker, I see here many a good act;
To make others merry, this is a fact.’
‘For Christmas I give you this one small gift;’
He reached in his sack as the sleigh it did lift-
And pulled out a package all shiny and bright;
To give to the Winemaker, now absent of fright.
The Winemaker thanked him, saw a twinkle in his eye.
And watched as the sled, away it did fly;
He rushed back inside and undid the wrapping,
Of the package before him, from which was not lacking-
The yeast he had hoped for, to find a way-
The make the wine before the break of day!
The Winemaker was jubilant, he cried with great joy-
‘Merry Christmas to every girl and boy!’
He got right to work, mixing the yeast;
Picturing in his mind a festive, next-day feast.
With wine for all – red, white and blush;
From the barrels, the wine richly did gush.
Into the bottles – green, white and blue;
Flowed all the wine; some old, some new.
On to corking the Winemaker did go;
Just as from the sky fell an early morning snow.
He corked them and capped them, each one was a prize.
The Winemaker grew weary, as the town it did rise.
Labeled and polished, the wines placed on the shelves;
The Winemaker as busy as one of Santa’s own elves.
The bottles they glimmered in the early morning light;
And the Winemaker knew he had witnessed a magic sight.
Just in time for Christmas, the wine it was there-
Bringing joy and good fortune to people everywhere!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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