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The work of a Blogger is never done, right? Most of us could spend all day and night (and maybe we even have) blogging. Between brainstorming and posting; reading and commenting (which I am really behind on); and marketing and facebooking and tweeting and instagraming – there is always something that needs to be done.

Today, I met up with Rebecca of Pretty Little Celiac at Barnes and Noble and we definitely got a lot accomplished. For the two of us, we had a lot of blogging stuff

I mean, I was pretty serious (clearly)-

Either that or my computer just wasn’t working…

Rebecca was working had too-

I found it very refreshing to get out of the house and work somewhere else. Do you ever do that? Do you work better at home or somewhere else?

As I said, I did get a lot accomplished today, including design a new business card, which is where your opinions come in. Since I decided to really work on my Freelancing career, here is what I came up with-

Option 1 – minted


My Thoughts: I like the simplicity of this design, and I really like my name scripted. It is unique and appeals to the “traditional” business card design. And, it kind of matches my blog signature too!

Option 2- tinyprints



My Thoughts: I love that this card is bold and it makes an impact. I like the “non-traditional” size too, but am not sure if others would.

The problem is, I’m torn! I like both designs. They are similar in cost too, so I am not really worried about that. I’m also not ordering them right now so I have some time to think about it. I still have some old cards I am trying to use.

What do you think? Option 1 (minted) or Option 2 (tinyprints)? Please tell me your opinion in the comments.

Until the next mile marker,


  1. Oh jeez… I like them both! But I’m digging the square design a little more!

  2. i like the design of the second one but i think people might get annoyed that it was a different size than their other cards

  3. I agree with Lindsay. Although the second design is lovely, I would get annoyed at the unusual size/shape since I often simply slide a business card into my Rolodex. Yes, I’m that old that I still have a Rolodex. Do you youngsters even know what a Rolodex is? Here’s a picture:

    I digress.

    I love going to coffeehouses to work with other writers. Plus, lately I’ve been skyping with a writer from Colorado. (Check out We skype for a bit to set our goals then we each go work for a designated period of time. When time’s up, we reconnect and go over what we’ve accomplished. So far it’s been a very effective use of time!

    Keep up the good work!

    • Nita – you always put a smile on my face! I have, believe it or not, seen a Rolodex before. 😉 I need to take yours into consideration, then, when I decide on a card. Good point about how to store it. I have had several smaller cards that I lost within – well, right away in my purse!

      I never thought about skyping with other writers, very cool. I’m afraid my skyping skills are very limited at the moment, though. Let’s get together sometime for coffee! I miss you!

  4. LOVE option 2 – i am all for non-traditional sizes – it will make yours stand out. my favorite business card i have at work for a client is very non-traditional. and i can always find it.

  5. I like them both. I feel like Option 1 is more your personality, but I like the shape of Option 2. Some won’t like the different shape, some will. I went to a new salon last night and their cards are anything but traditional in size and I loved it. But, when I look at just appearances, style, font, etc, Option 1 seems more like you.

    • Judi?! This is NOT helping me make a decision! 😉 See, like the salon, I think if you have an interesting or non-traditional business it is perfect because it stands out, as does your product/service. I agree though, too, that Option 1 seems more like me, and I also think it stands out more than a regular business card because it does has the unique design in the name. But, ugh! I keep going back and forth. Good thing I have tons of time on my hands to think about it and no money to make a purchase at this exact moment, right? 😉

  6. Hi Sara,

    I like Option 2 but can the lettering on the back be any color that stands out better than white. Try to read the card in a dim lit situation ( Restaurant lighting) and see if it works.

    Good Luck.


    • Thank you for stopping by and for your insights, Shashi! I never thought about the lettering, but that is an excellent point. I do spend a lot of time networking in restaurants and coffee houses, etc. I can change the lettering on the black (so it would be the same as on the front). I think if I go with that design, I will be sure to do that to make it easier to read. Thank you again. Going to check out your site too!

  7. Option #2 is nice but I prefer Option #1–I like the simplicity of the design and the fact that your name stands out better than #2. If you like the “S” in #2, I would crop it and add it to #1, although that may take away from the simplicity of that design

    • Great thoughts, Maria! Thank you so much. I was thinking if I keep Option 1 it would definitely be because of the simplicity. Although, I may add my Twitter handle on there as well. If I keep Option 2, it would be because of the uniqueness.

  8. I love them both too! Is there anything in the rule oil that says you MUST choose one or the other? Since they both reflect different sides of you and cost about the same, why not add some whimsy and use both! 🙂 that’s my free spirited side talking – the one I know you have too! LOVE YOU!!

    • Rule book not rule oil. Darn you autocorrect!!

    • Brilliant thought, Deb! 🙂 It never occurred to me that I could use different ones for different things/contacts – maybe even depending on what mood I am in that day! 😉 Or, I could order the next one when I run out of the first one. OOOOH- now the possibilities are truly endless! Love you too and can’t wait to run with you again!!!

  9. I love the second one.

    Check out – they have some awesome card ideas and templates.

  10. I am gonna throw something else at you.

    I love the square card. It would really make me sit up and take notice and I think it makes you look creative and edgy.

    But I don’t care for the design on it. Love the scripted SARA WYEN on the other card. But the other card is a waste of space on the back.

    Can you do the scripted name on the square card and then put your other information on the back of it?

    Sorry but I just had to weigh in here!

    • Thanks, Elle – a fantastic idea as always! The problem is with those two designs specifically, is they are templates so they can’t be changed, but maybe there is a way to create one from scratch using the square design. I will have to look into that because I do like a combination of the two designs. Thanks! I hope all is well with you.

  11. Sara,

    I am a little behind here, but I love the first one and the shape of the second. Not much help, huh?

    I get much less distracted when I work away from home – library, Caribou, Tim Hortons, etc.


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