Am I Goofy or What? Week #14 Training Recap

This recap is brought to you by…
The Spirit of Christmas Train!

Yesterday, I was happy to visit the Byesville Scenic Railwayin Guernsey County. The excursion, which is manned by a completely volunteer staff, was like taking a step back in time. The train was trimmed throughout with lights, evergreens, Christmas decorations and carols – including a visit from Santa himself for the youngsters – but, I actually enjoyed the historical aspect of the trip the most. At one time dozens of deep coal mines existed south of Cambridge, employing thousands of miners. The route of the Byesville Scenic Railway was originally built as the “Marietta & Pittsburgh” Railway during 1871-1873. The main purpose for the building of the rail line was to haul coal from the once numerous deep mines south of Cambridge. The original line was 103 miles long; originating in Marietta, Ohio. In the early part of the 1900’s, these mines generated hundreds of carloads of coal every day for the Marietta Branch. There were a total of twelve deep mines located along the 3.5 mile route we travelled.  Along the way, you can still see several roadbeds of the tracks that once switched away from the mainline and went to the now abandoned mines, as well as more of the Ohio countryside.
On the ride, we learned about what Christmas was like over 100 years ago, which I found particularly fascinating. We take so much for granted today. Back then, a child would have treasured a rag doll (for a girl); a wooden carved airplane (for a boy) or even an orange or pear. These items would have been cherished for a lifetime and passed down to future generations. The Christmas tree was usually an evergreen branch cut from the forest and simply decorated with popcorn strands, old rags and paper stars dipped in wax. People back then, coming from Communist Europe, grew their own food in gardens (that they could keep for themselves) and only ate meat on occasion when a pig or lamb might be slaughtered, especially during the holidays. The minors survived on mashed potato or baked bean sandwiches, always leaving a portion of their lunch to carry home in case of a cave-in. 
We also visited the Charles Dickens’ Victorian Village in Cambridge and did some antique shopping, which was really fun.  We also captured this gem:

 And that, my friends, is where you may want to stop reading this recap. The rest is not happy at all!
Am I Goofy or what?! My Weekly Training Recap:  

I didn’t run this week. Not at all. After my 18 miler last week, my knee has been tender and I have developed some new pain on the bottom/side of my left foot. I’m afraid I might have to check in with doctor on this one. I don’t want to mess up my ability to run the races in January. I thought resting would help and it has my knee, but not my foot. This is partially why longer runs are such a struggle for me. My knee (and now foot) makes it difficult! So, no HBBC points for me. Although, I think I did get some vegetables in last week! That counts for something, right?
So, remember those 4 lbs I lost last week? Yeah, they came back pretty quick, I’m afraid:
My Weekly Weight Loss:
Sometimes I just want to give up on weight loss. Be happy with who I am. But I know I can do this. 
Until the next mile marker, 


  1. You’re awesome!!
    Love the train ride! Great photos!!

  2. RunningMandy says

    I’m not sure what happened to my comment on this one! Your train trip sounds fun! Love the pictures!

    I’m not sure what to say on the rest of the post – but a trip to Dr. Bright sounds like a fabulous idea! I hope the injury isn’t anything major!

  3. Jennifer Roe says

    Wow that looks like an amazing train trip!

    I hope you are feeling better soon 🙁 i’m sorry your knee and foot is acting up!

  4. You need to get Dr. Bright on the hellophone stat!

  5. Kimberly Turner Bouldin says

    I am sorry to hear about your foot! I hope it is nothing!

    What a cool day you had on the train & in Cambridge! My dad grew up there, so I am very familiar with the city & history. I miss visiting and need to go back soon!


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