Am I Goofy or What? Week #16 Training Recap

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My Favorite Christmas Tradition!

Most people things it doesn’t look good, but I love it!
Or at least, our families version of it. This meal was made my aunts and cousins. My grandmother and mother used to make it every Christmas Eve since I can remember, and I can’t wait to learn how to make it myself because I want to keep the tradition as a part of our family. It is homemade flatbread, pinto beans with spices, sauerkraut with dumplings (or mushrooms!), and mashed sweet and regular potatoes. We also had cranberry sauce, prunes and delicious spiced red wine.
This Eastern-European dinner is traditionally a meatless feast whose preparations begin early on Christmas Eve. It is a solemn meal that brings the family together, sometimes from hundreds of miles away. Dinner doesn’t begin until the first star of the evening is sighted, a job customarily given to the young children of the household to keep them occupied while dinner is prepared. Prayers are followed by a blessing with a clove of garlic dipped in honey. The head of the household dips the garlic in honey and makes the sign of the cross on everyone’s forehead as a reminder to keep Christ foremost in their lives. Yes, we still do this every Christmas Eve.
We were all pretty tired after that:
Grace & her favorite Christmas present.
Last week you will remember, I came up with a plan. And I’ve been on track with that! As for weight loss, please see the above tradition and know that I did not lose any weight this week.

Am I Goofy or what?! My Weekly Training Recap:  
  • SAT 12/24 – MIT Ugly Sweater Holiday Run – 4 Miles in 54 minutes; 13:32 pace
  • MON 12/26 – 20 mile run in 5 hours 20 minutes; 16 minute pace

I’m kind of bummed because my Garmin died at Mile 19. I wanted to see my splits. I have to charge it to recover the information that is hopefully on there through 19 and I haven’t yet. From what I remember, Miles 1-4 were difficult (as usual) and I was wondering how the heck I was going to run 16 more. Miles 4-8 were awesome and I got into a rhythm of running. While thinking, I worked out a strategy that if I could run/walk/crawl four miles an hour and feel okay, I will make it under the seven hour time frame for the full in Disney. I still felt pretty good for Miles 8-12, but was starting to feel tired by Mile 12. Thankfully, my Dad and sister met me at my car with a banana and – to my surprise – my sister was dressed to run! She ran Miles 12-16with me and I was struggling by this point (did I mention that the first two miles of every four mile loop were uphill). I figured I would take it from Judiand play big or go home. And yes, Judi, I wasat Ohio Health. So, by the times I ran Miles 16-20 I was pretty much spent and did a lot of walking, which worries me a little since I slowed down so much. I was so happy to finish! I am feeling confident about the Goofy now. Surprisingly (and oh-so-thankfully) my knee is fine today, but my foot and quads are really hurting. Since when did I get a foot issue?!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Did you race or run? How did it go? 
Until the next mile marker, 


  1. so nice that your sister joined you!! you can do this!

  2. Good job pushing through and getting it in! You can and will finish the Goofy. Just remember the plan.

  3. So happy to read this post and know that you did great! How wonderful that your sister was there to help motivate you, too. I know you are gonna be fine at WDW – Sara your Christmas Eve family meal sounds so lovely. I hope you do keep that tradition going. 🙂

  4. Congrats! That’s amazing girl 🙂

  5. Way to go Sara!!!! I’m so proud of you! You are gonna do great for Goofy!

  6. I ran an easy 4.5mi on Christmas Day but that’s about it.

  7. RunToTheFinish says

    i’m not 100% sure I would love the meal, but I love the idea!! I wish my family had a few more traditions. No races, just one really long run over christmas..nothing compared to your goofy though 🙂

  8. Suzanne Westenhofer says

    Great job with the 20 mile run!!!!

  9. Way to go getting that 20 miler in. They are mentally hard for everyone.

  10. Yay for 20 miles! I am totally impressed!

  11. Great job getting your 20 in! Hope the few aches/pains hold off for the race itself. That combo of food sounds soo good to me! I’m not big on meat, and I love sauerkraut! 🙂

  12. Christina @ Just Running says

    Congrats on doing to 20, Sara! YOU DID IT!

    I haven’t been running because I hurt my legs. 🙁

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