Am I Goofy or What? Week #2 Training Recap

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Are we going to run today, Mama?

Ever since the Air Force Half Marathon last Saturday, I have been excited to get back on track with my training. I don’t know why, I guess I just needed a good race to get me going again.

If all else fails, my Race Day Strategy will be…

Compliments of One More Mile!

 Am I Goofy or what?! My Weekly Training Recap:

  • TUE 09/13 – Ran for 40 minutes at an easy pace; 2.53 miles
  • SAT 09/17 – Air Force Half Marathon; 13.1 miles in 3 hours 24 minutes

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  1. Such a cute pup 😀 She is just so precious dog refuses to even go NEAR the treadmill because of the noises it makes. That& he may or may not have gotten flung off it at high speeds. Oopsy.

    PS you go girl. You’re my motivation for my own half marathon in Feb!

  2. So, ARE we going to run today, Mama?

  3. runningperseverance says

    cutest pic! and love those sticker sayings! haha! reading everyone’s recaps of the Air Force half has made me extremely jealous that I did not run it…maybe next year!?!

  4. This is a really, really important question…

    Does Sadie still have a hole in her butt?

  5. RunningMandy says

    HAHAHA! Love the picture of Sadie!

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