Beat the Winter Blues Giveaway!

As far as winters in Ohio goes, we’ve had a pretty mild one so far this year. Still, the dreary skies and drab scenery really have a way wearing on your after awhile, especially if you are in the Midwest like me. It’s dark when you go to work and dark when you get home. Seeing the sun is a rarity – if it isn’t snowing outside, it’s probably raining or sleeting or maybe even both. There’s a saying that if you don’t like the weather in Ohio, wait five minutes and it will change. The part no one tells you is that it usually doesn’t change for the better.

Weather like this makes it hard to get out of bed on some days, let alone get outside and go for a run. We’re no stranger to the blues when it’s wintertime in Ohio.
How many of you also live in a pace with long, cold, dark winters? Well, no matter where you live, I’ve got a cool giveaway to cheer you up and Beat the Winter Blues! contacted me to host a giveaway of a pair of BLOC MODENA BLUE W71 SUNGLASSES! They look like this:
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The glasses are actually a blue frame with brown lenses, which I think makes them pretty and stylish:
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You can find more information, giveaways and savings at the Sunglasses Shop Facebook or Twitter Pages.

How can you make these sunglasses yours? Enter today to win!

  • Tell! Leave a comment detailing your favorite thing to do to Beat the Winter Blues. What gets you motivated? Keeps you feeling happy? Puts a smile on your face? (+1)
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You have until the end of the day on  January 31, 2012 to enter. Winner will be chosen by and announced here on February 01, 2012. Good luck and thank you to all who enter!

Until the next mile marker,

Please note: I was not compensated in any way to host this giveaway. I was contacted by directly and asked if I would like to participate. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. Sara, the new blog looks wonderful! I like to beat the blues by getting outside as much as I can.

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  3. Sarah Jordan says

    Honestly, working out. It makes me excited for summer because my body wont be Jello.

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  6. Mackenzie Hunter says

    Love this giveaway! What keeps me motivated to beat the winter blues is to think about summer and how much I love running outside that time of year… if I stay up on my running and fitness now, it’ll be that much easier when summer comes!

  7. Mackenzie Hunter says

    I tweeted the giveaway! @wealths_health

  8. Jessica Knapp says

    I used to get CRAZY seasonal depression during the winter. I think it was mostly because the whole not-seeing-daylight-except-on-weekends thing. Running itself has helped a lot, but now I’m making a serious effort to get out and do at least PART of my daily miles during lunch, while the sun is out (or at least it isn’t dark). It’s such a nice break in the monotony of my day, gets me up from my chair, and is a HUGE mood booster for the rest of the day.

  9. Jessica Knapp says

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  10. Jessica Knapp says

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  11. Thanks, Elle! I wasn’t sure yet how I felt about it. I think I like it, though! I like the blues, at least. I am glad to hear you think it looks good!!

  12. I have to exercise and eat right to keep the blues away! Otherwise I circle the drain of comfort food and laziness and it’s hard to pull out of it…

  13. I am having a hard time beating the blues, BUT if you have a running buddy it helps 🙂

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  17. RunningMandy says

    I love the re-design of your blog! It’s very pretty!

    To chase away the winter blues – I go for a run with friends….or read a good book by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. Or Lately, I laugh at something silly Avery is doing – like kicking the cat. 😀

  18. RunningMandy says

    I tweeted about it Sara!!

  19. KK @ Running Through Life says

    Running with my running buddies is a great way to get out there when it is dark and cold! Without them, I would more than likely stay inside where it is light and warm!

  20. I like to imagine it is really hot…. bask in the sun through my windows… and definitely star at the beach picture on my desktop.

  21. Running with friends or alone helps with the winter blues… a glass of wine certainly helps too!
    Lorie D.

  22. Lisa Graziano says

    Playing Wii Fit with my three children DEFINITELY perks me up!! (So would winning these great glasses!)

  23. Great giveaway! Best thing to feel better is to just get out there and run, even if I have to bribe myself! Once I’m out there everything is better.

  24. Seeing the sun after a few weeks of cloudy weather sure perks me up. It was like spring outside today!

  25. First Sara I love you new blog look. It is amazing girl. To have a running partner that will run outside in the winter, which I have this winter. My running partner keeps me motitaved and getting in to the tight fitting jeans I have in my closet. Being with other people while I’m working out put and smile on my face and make me so happy. That way I dont feel like i’m the only one that is working out and trying to stay healthy

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  28. I like going on a quick trip somewhere. This weekend I’m going to Orlando! I hope to find some warm, sunny weather while I’m there.

  29. I usually go to LA for a week in winter (work anyway) and if I didn’t do that – there’s “the pool” at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City that simulates being at a beach resort (palm trees, lounge chairs, tropical drinks) all heated and in a dome – feels like being on vacation in the carribean!

  30. Will tweet this!

  31. Go check out my 11 random things blog – tag you’re it!

  32. Sarahma4199 says

    Getting free sunglasses would give me a pick me up in the winter 🙂 In all seriousness though a good run is all I need these days to beat the winter blues…

  33. I do my best to spend as much time outside during the winter! I also sleep with the blinds open to get the sunlight! There is nothing like waking up to sunshine!

  34. After a run, I cuddle up with my puppy, two cats and a good book!

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  36. Running was how I used to beat the winter blues. Now I am struggling for something new. I do use a full spectrum lamp to help with my SAD (whoever named that really needs a good punch in the face).

  37. Laurel Cedarblade says

    I definitely like to run or do any kind of exercise when I’m feeling down or just need a pick me up……works every time!

  38. Laurel Cedarblade says
  39. A good workout where I sweat like a beast! 🙂

  40. Running is what helps me beat the winter blues. Getting outside clears my head! I recently was forced to take a 2 week rest from running and I was a bear!

  41. Kimberly Turner Bouldin says

    Running is my favorite thing to do – even when it is crappy out, I always feel better after a run! 🙂

  42. Kimberly Turner Bouldin says

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  43. Shannon Clark says

    Well, I love to read so that’s what makes me happy winter, spring, summer, and fall. 🙂 But now that I have started training for a 5k with the couch25k program I have found that any day that I train is a winner! 🙂


  44. Shannon Clark says
  45. I tweeted about it! @MOTPrunning

  46. It sounds crazy, but getting out for a run in the early morning helps dispel my winter blues. I get my happy run feeling, and I also feel all bad@ss having been out running at the coldest time of the day.

  47. Best way to beat the winter blues (for me) is to hit the pool. Swim a few laps, play a little tea party and it doesn’t mater that it’s freezing outside.

  48. Hi! I’m a running lover in Michigan, so I can totally relate with you on the Mid-West Mid-Winter Blues! I came across your blog, and I’m glad I did! We have a lot in common!

  49. Jamie from Savannah says

    Hey Sara, I’m gonna be honest here… I live in one of the most beAutiful places on Earth… Savannah, Georgia. It’s HARD to have the winter blues here, especially this year with our super warm weather. (My electric bill is HALF what it was last January!) However, if I were to have the blues, I’m going to say 100% that I would hit the road and put some miles behind me with my Ipod jamming my favorite 80’s hair bands. hhaaa!

  50. Jamie from Savannah says

    I posted this on FB!! 😉

  51. JennsAdventures says

    I don’t really get the winter blues — well maybe that’s not entirely true… when I lived in California I think I did to some extent and found myself in the kitchen experimenting with recipes A LOT! I love to host/entertain and would have 10+ friends over for often times 4-5 course meals — it was a blast!! I miss my taste testers, so of course I’ll have to start doing that again here in Seattle:)

  52. Running helps be beat the winter blues…even if its freezing outside 😉

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