Celebrate Week #7: Cap City Half Marathon Training Report

This week, Celebrate the run!
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Next up up on my race calendar is the Capital City Half Marathon. Cap City is the official spring Half Marathon of MIT so I am looking forward to running it with my Lucky 13 Team. This event is more than a great, fast race; it is also a celebrationof athletes, young and old, fast and slow. And since Columbus is celebrating its Bicentennial this year, Cap City is destined to be a party we won’t forget!
My pace group has been working hard at training for just about seven weeks now, but I am just getting back on board with Cap City training since I have been recovering from the Goofy. I still have a long (and probably slower than usual) road ahead of me so I am not setting any PR goals for this race. I’m back to square one, which is in my opinion a great place to be with all of the new runners in our group. I plan to finish this race running strong with a 13:00 minute per mile pace.  
 My Weekly Training ReCAP:  
  • SUN 01/22: 2.5 mile training run ; 15:11 pace

It’s slow, but it’s a start! For as much as my toe is still bothering me and the snow was treacherous, I’m so glad I got out and ran. I’m looking froward to resuming training this week.

Stay tuned for my upcoming “Beat the Winter Blues” Giveaway and this week’s Pace Per Mile Report!

Until the next mile marker,


  1. runningperseverance says

    I LOVE your new header!!! it looks awesome! thanks for thinking of me lately…i am doing okay…just been busy! i was telling a friend the other day about your Goofy experience and how inspiring you are to me! i am really hoping she will start reading your blog!

  2. Suzanne Westenhofer says

    Good luck preparing for your next race! You’ve got plenty of time so take some rest time if you need it.

  3. Christina @ Just Running says

    That’s great you’ve got your next race planned!

  4. Christina @ Just Running says

    Hey! Will you be running any Air Force races this fall?

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