Columbus Half Quick Recap

“Quitting doesn’t take guts.”
Chinese Fortune Cookie
Total Time 3:11:48
Pace Per Mile 14:39
10K Split 1:24:52
7752 out of 7935 total runners
4571 out of 4704 Females
964 out of 978 Females in the 25-29 Age Group
Me and Suzi before the race – see how we’re feeling!?!?!


 Mile 5
Mile 8 – you can see the pain on my face. Seeing my Dad here was the only thing that kept me going!
Suzi and Me at the Finish
Suzi and Me posing for our “Winner” photo!
Right after Mile 8 and before Mile 9
Coming down the chute – finally!

I was SERIOUS about getting it done!
 “Duane’s Angels”
Me and Wendy after the race.

Suzi, Me, Emily, and Wendy.  My MIT Girls 2010!

Stay tuned for a full recap coming soon!

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