Countdown to Pittsburgh: What to Wear in Only 12 Days!

Look what came in the mail today! (I am apologizing in advance for horrible photos – my digital camera broke [gasp!] and I had to use my [gasp!] cell phone.)
I’m confirmed.
Indeed, this must mean I am running Pittsburgh.
I’m not going to lie. I am thinking I am terrified of Pittsburgh. I feel ready, but not exactly prepared. Does that make sense? I know I am running the marathon no matter what. I just feel like so much has happened this training season that I am not as prepared – physically – as I want to be. I’ve taken time off, missed out on a couple of long runs, and abbreviated my weekly runs from time to time. I know, I know, do as I say – not as I do, right? Is it too much to hope that adrenaline just kicks in and I can make it with minimal pain and no injury? I completed a 20 mile run. I’m feeling pretty confident about that. If I have to walk some, I have to walk some. My goal is to finish. I am completely satisfied with that as long as I cross the finish line.
I mean, I was terrified of my first half – even skipped the last long run (oops) and went on to run 4 more half marathons. Then, why all of this anxiety? Fear of the unknown? Fear of failure? How about just fear? I need to take my own advice
Over the weekend, my mother-in-law was more than kind enough to take me shopping and to dinner. Operation: Find New Clothes for Pittsburgh and You’re Not on a “Diet” This Week! So, we went to Target and Johnny Rocket’s. Burgers and fries plus a chocolate-fudge brownie for desert. I inhaled it – I haven’t been eating much the past week.
Clothing-wise, I couldn’t be more ready for the race, thanks to aforementioned mother-in-law. 
These are all coordinating/matching blues and turquoise. Turquoise was my mother’s favorite color so I am wearing it for her. These are all made by Champion, which I have run in before and enjoyed. I have not tried their Duo Dry fabrics, though, and am excited to do so!  Supposedly, Duo Dry wicks and speeds evaporation to help you stay cool and dry. I was impressed by all the variety and styles that were available in complimentary colors.
First piece that caught my eye – Duo Dry Stretch Jacket with collar. LOVE this!
Duo Dry Lite Performance Tee with UV Protection; Gold Toe cushioned socks (my favorite! and two color choices); Duo Dry Stretch Fitted Capri (with a matching blue stripe!)
Duo Dry Power Workout Tee (Lightweight Polyester for comfort and performance); Duo Dry Stretch racer back tank (in case it is warmer)
So, what do you think? Plus, my shoes, sports bra, Garmin, Grace Band and Fuelbelt. Any suggestions?

12 Days and counting…During the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 15th, I will be thinking of:
Mile 14: Downhill Slide Now!
As I enter the second half of the race, I will have more done than I have to go! The first half of the race is the hardest part! It’s all downhill from here.
Mile 15: Bubba
Bubba (Slovak for Grandma) is who we called my grandmother on my mother’s side. She passed away over 6 years ago and I still miss her everyday. She was the most kind, loving, caring and generous person I have ever known. My mom was so much like her. She helped make my childhood the best it could have been with her love, encouragement and enthusiasm. She always believed in me no matter what goal I was working towards. This mile is in memory of her. From her, I developed my compassion for animals, nature, the outdoors, and helping others. I have fond memories of spending long summers at her house working in the yard, playing in the sprinkler, rescuing stray dogs and shopping.
Mile 16: Wendy
Read: My Hero. Wendy and I started training for Pittsburgh together. She got me through my first 16 mile run with a smile on her face. I will always remember her words running up the hill at mile 15.5, “You’re so close, you’re almost there. You are wonder woman she said. You can do this.” Wendy moved out West (read: lucky) and I miss her everyday – especially as Pittsburgh gets closer since she won’t be running it. I know it won’t be the same without her here, but I know our paths are not meant to be forever divided. And I know, especially in running, we will always have each others support and encouragement. After all, last time I checked, you don’t ever really lose a hero. Mile 16 is for your, Wendy. I know you’ll be there running with me in Spirit.  
Mile 17: Rebecca
Always believes in me no matter what. Rebecca is one of my best friends and has been there for me during the tough times when others have given up on me, especially when it comes to running, fitness and health. She listens to me, values my opinions and reminds me everyday not to give up on my dreams. Not to mention, she’s gorgeous and inspires me to want to look my best too. I really admire Rebecca for the positive outlook she has on life – it impacts me everyday. Rebecca’s training is founded on the principle that a strong mind leads to a strong body.  And through her positive coaching and encouragement, I have begun to change my mind. Rebecca will be cheering me on Pittsburgh!  
Need I say more? I completed my first 18 mile run alone and while I was bummed at the time and not sure if I would make it, I did. Looking back, I think I am a stronger person for having completed a long run solo. I am so glad I did! I can do it.  
Mile 19: Just one foot …
This thought kept coming into my head as I was running 18 miles. It really is just one foot in front of the other. As long as I keep moving, I will keep getting closer and closer to the finish line! If I can take one step, I can always take just one more step.
Mile 20: Get Off on the Pain
I must admit, part of what I have enjoyed about marathon training is pushing my body and mind to extreme limits and beyond. There is a part of me that enjoys the pain and enjoys overcoming it. It is the ultimate high – the runner’s high. More is never enough! In the words of country musician Gary Allan, “Cause I love the long shot, and the left out lost causes; Hanging out in the back of the pack with the dark horses. I ride the wrong road just as fast as I can, God knows there’s no one else to blame. Sometimes I think I get off on the pain.” I also love running to this song!  
Until the next mile marker,


  1. Thanks for your awesome comment on my blog! I’ve been waiting to hear from you…did you know you won my giveaway?!? 🙂

    p.s. – Those clothes are super cute. Not only are you going to rock that marathon – you are going to look good doing it!

  2. Rebecca Black says

    I think 17 is my new favorite and lucky number! I love you 🙂

  3. Sara – you got this! If it makes you feel any better, I am woefully underprepared – I have missed tons of long runs and cut short lots of miles but I too am just gonna do it and pray that the wall I hit is made of something that I can get thru!

    Run, walk, crawl – we’ll finish because there really isn’t any choice 🙂 xoxo

  4. 16, ironically, happens to be my birth day and one of my favorite numbers. Now I have another reason to love 16!

    You’re ready. DON’T FORGET THE GLIDE!!!!!!!

    Wish I were going to be there, but you better believe I’ll be cheering for you from SLC the ENTIRE RACE! And I expect a phone call/text when you finish!!!

  5. I think you need to dedicate a mile to Mollie on the Scooter. That should bring you loads of giggles when you’re struggling to dig deep!

  6. Julie D. says

    a new running outfit is guaranteed to get you through any race…it has been scientifically proven! 😉 You can do iT!!!

  7. You got this in the bag! Especially with new clothes, which always make me want to go for a run. And Johnny Rockets is beyond tasty. Have I mentioned tapering is making me hungry? I want to eat some Johnny Rockets now.

  8. You are going to have an amazing experience. MOST likely not pain free, but amazing nonetheless.

  9. Candice @ I Have Run says

    Love the clothes! That blue is awesome! And now I am craving a burger. I am so excited for you. You will do awesome!!!!

  10. You got this in the bag! Especially with new clothes, which always make me want to go for a run. And Johnny Rockets is beyond tasty. Have I mentioned tapering is making me hungry? I want to eat some Johnny Rockets now.

  11. Rebecca Black says

    I think 17 is my new favorite and lucky number! I love you 🙂

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