Dog Days of Summer

It’s 98.5 degrees here today and there is no relief in site. It just keeps getting hotter. Random thought: If I had a band, I would name it 98.5 Degrees. It’s going to be a long summer. I apologize in advance to everyone who has a social media connection to me. You might get really tired of me before long.

It’s not even July and here we are, the Dog Days of Summer.
So much for running outside. Or so much for running. Actually, so much for being outside. I’m sweating inside my own home. With the AC on. And a fan. I’m blaming it on recovery.
Summer is usually my favorite season. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. My anniversary is July 7. Good things seem to happen to me in the summer. I’m pretty sad that I had to get sick during the summer. No pool. No camping. No running. No racing. No backpacking. No canoeing. No picnics or cookouts if it remains 100 degrees outside. At least for this summer. Maybe I’ll be able to go to the fireworks? Bummed.
Oh well, there’s still social media, right? Welcome to my Dog Days of Summer:

“Don’t be sad, Mama, there’s things to do inside!”

“Yes, Mama, you could check your email again.”

“See? We can enjoy the view and Tweet about it from right here!”
“It’s true, Mama. Tough times don’t last forever. Not even in cyberspace.”
“Tough times!? Will the excessive heat stop you from taking Instagram photos?”
“Can you stop blogging and take a nap with me now?”
“Facebook? Seriously…I’m getting tired of waiting!”
“I’m not waiting for you, Mama. How many more pictures do we need?”
“Forget my bed, I have my very own PillowPet that I stole from you!
Everybody knows I’m a criminal, don’t they?”
“Keeping up with social media is hard work. We’re so dog tired!”
How will you spend your Dog Days? I would love to hear about it!
Until the next mile marker,


  1. I tried to run today. I kind of enjoy running in heat that is so bad that it seems insane to do so. Well, after 6 of my planned 8 miles, I had to head in. Yep, I couldn’t hack it. I did go home and do another mile on the treadmill, but I was getting woozy, and kept thinking “if I pass out right now and hit my head, the pavement will hurt, and plus, there’s nobody around to see me.” Yep, I took my first heat deferrment. At 6:27 it showed as 97 degrees.

  2. That’s sooo hot!!! It’s been hot here too (Maine) but not that hot. I hope you get a little break in the weather shortly! & happy Anniversary to you! The husband and I celebrate our 11 yr anniversary on 7/14!

  3. Ah, you know I love doggie pictures the VERY best, right? You are a lucky Girl to have such good company at home to help you through your recovery. I think you should write some short stories, Sara. You are just too darned clever to spend your whole days on social media…. but I love your posts and seeing that you have not lost your sense of humor!

  4. Loving loving loving the doggie pictures! They do look a bit fed up.

    We’ve not really had a summer yet – one or two days here and there that are hot (like yesterday which was 30degC and very very humid), but mostly cool and very wet – after announcing a drought in April we’ve had tons of the stuff 🙁

  5. your sister’s random thought: you know there’s already a band called 98 degrees, right?


  6. Yup! That’s why it’s F-U-N-N-Y! LOL!

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