Dream Big, Set a Goal & Go For It!

Let’s travel back in time, shall we? Remember these posts? Remember when I checked off one goal for the year and then apparently stopped working on them?

Well, I do!

My 2011 Goals:

  1. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May. Check! On May 15th, I became a Marathoner!
  2. Lose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  3. Be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by this summer.
  4. Be a committed, reliable, inspiring, encouraging, and helpful Pace Coach to the 13-minute per mile pace group and help newer runners achieve their dreams of running a half marathon or marathon.
  5. Obtain my ACSM Personal Training Certification by April 2011.

At least the first one was a good one? I want to be inspired again, to reach my goals and feel the sweet success of achieving something great. I want to say Yes! Did that, now what’s next?

I have been working on a goal/vision board to keep me motivated. And, I recently entered the Goal Board Contest to win a pair of glam gloves by RB!
Here’s my board:
Sorry the picture is not very clear!

It keeps me motivated because when I start to get those negative thoughts in my head (I can’t; I’m too fat; I’m too slow; It’s too hard; etc.) I can remember what I did before and know that I can achieve great things! I have pictures on it from my first half marathon and my first full, as well as my bib from Pittsburgh.
As you can see, my Mother is a huge inspiration to me. It keeps me going to know that my mom would never want me to quite running. When I see her picture, especially her smiling and waving at the Finish Line after her first 5K, I want to run every day because she no longer can. There are several pictures of her on my board, including one of her holding me when I was only days old and a picture of her, me and Bart Yasso. That was a great day for us. We both got to meet our running hero.

And, of course, the Lucky 13’s keep me motivated when I want to give up! I have never found such loving, supportive, caring and encouraging friends as I have in the running community. I am thankful every day that I have each and every one of them in my life. They have been right by my side – through thick and thin, no questions asked – and I know I can always turn to them for advice, guidance, tough love and support – or just plain fun! They are my rock(s?).
I want to update my goals too. Things are hard right now, no doubt, and I have some pretty big things on the horizon. I need to slow down, take time to myself to figure things out, but I don’t have to give up. I may not reach these goals in 2011, but I will reach them. Maybe even before I am 30 years old! Here are my updated goals (in no particular order):

  1. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May. Check! On May 15th, I became a Marathoner!
  2. Run the Goofy Challenge in January 2012! 39.3 miles in 2 days to honor my mother!  
  3. Lose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  4. Reach my goal weight of 150 pounds.
  5. Be a committed, reliable, inspiring, encouraging, and helpful Pace Coach to the 13-minute per mile pace group and help newer runners achieve their dreams of running a half marathon or marathon.
  6. Inspire someone every day.
  7. Obtain my RRCA Coaching Certification.
  8. Work on making my relationship with my husband the best it has ever been.
 What about you? What are some of your goals? If you haven’t entered the contest, tell me about your goals in the comments! 
Look for my photo!
And, please consider voting for me to be a part of Team Refuel! You can do so once a day until September 15th HERE. I am on Page 5. To learn more about chocolate milk as recovery fuel and what I plan to do with the grant money if I am selected, please visit THIS post. Thank you. I appreciate any votes that I receive and the time you take to think of me.
Until the next mile marker, 


  1. LOVE your goal board and your goals! just know that we are all here when you need some encouragement along the way. I am totally pulling for you to tackle the rest of those goals! Recent goals for me are to remember why I started running and return to that feeling…run for me, for the love of it and for nothing else 🙂 I voted for you!!!!

  2. Christina Patterson says

    Great post! I need to look over and redefine my goals, too. You are an amazing woman, and I can’t wait to watch you meet the rest of your goals! You are such a positive person, Sara. 🙂

    I just voted for you again!

  3. Chocolate cake.

    Or maybe buffalo wings.

  4. Hi Sara, I have been vision-boarding for about a year and half now. Very motivating and it works!

    I think yours is great and I will go vote for it right now!

    Good Luck – keeping your goals in front of you does help them become reality. It alls starts with a desire and belief.

  5. So, I just re-read the post about the contest and see that Rebecca is not going to post the pics till August 26th… I do hope you will remind us to vote then!

  6. RunToTheFinish says

    That first goal was a biggie, so way to go on accomplishing that!! It sounds like you have some good redefined goals and actually you are getting me inspired to really think about my goals. I want to get RRCA certified too but man the courses fill up so fast!

  7. Your goal board is absolutely beautiful. Although I may be with Sarah on this, mine would be full of chocolate and puppies. I just found my Boston bib today and couldn’t figure out what I’d do with it, perhaps that can be my goal board…

    And thanks for the reminder, just voted for you again! I’ll try to remember in the morning as well. 🙂

  8. 🙂

  9. Sara, you are now on page 2 of the Chocolate Milk REFUEL contest page… cause you are getting so many votes, perhaps? Hope so….

  10. I’m not sure Elle! I think maybe it rotates around? Hopefully it means I have votes!! 😉

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