First MIT Group Run of the Season and A WINNER!

Today was the first MIT group run of the season! It was about 15 degrees outside, my muscles were cold, my nose wouldn’t stop running, it was still dark when I left my house, and I ran up the big hill twice so all in all I would say it was….

We ran a little over 5 miles, and I felt great. Today, I could really feel my quads working instead of my knee, and I still did not have any knee pain. I am so happy, and I am really geared up for the Pittsburgh full in May!
I would not be able to train like I do if it weren’t for the support and friendships I have through the coaches and runners at MIT. I run with a training group for a lot of reasons, but here are the Top 3:
  1. The camaraderie of fellow runners like myself. I never feel alone in my training. Chances are if I am feeling something (discouraged, unmotivated, excited, frustrated, etc.) someone else is feeling it too! I look forward to running with my pace group every Saturday and have found they have become not only my training buddies, but my friends.
  2. The knowledge provided by the MIT staff. We have online access to and frequent seminars by experts in the fields of Sports Nutrition, Physiology, & Sports Medicine. Plus, the knowledge that comes from the experiences of more than 20 coaches who combined have trained for over 200 marathons!
  3. I get a plan that works! When I first started running, I had no idea what to do – how far to run, how fast, how much, when to rest, etc. MIT provides Half Marathon and Marathon running (and walking!) schedules that the staff can help you tailor to met your specific needs. There’s never a question of what I am supposed to do or when.
So, clearly I love MIT, which brings me to a question for you. Do any of you run with a club or team? If so, what do you love about it?
AND now (I know, I know) moving on to the important things…like announcing the winner of my $35 Gift Card, courtesy of CSN Stores.  The giveaway ended last night and I selected a winner via Of the 43 comments that were left, Comment #16 was chosen.  Congratulations are in order for CALLIE in North Carolina who is planning to buy some bedroom linens and was also kind enough to let me know she found my blog inspirational. Thanks for following, Callie! Please send your email address to and I will forward you the gift card code right away! Have fun Christmas shopping. 😉
Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway, making it a wonderful success! Didn’t win this time? It’s not too late to enter for your chance to win a 2011 Training Log for yourself and a running buddy here – enter soon!


  1. Woo Hoo! Way to go Sara!!! So glad you had an awesome run!!!

  2. That’s AWESOME!!

  3. Woohooo!!!! Thank you Sara!

  4. That’s AWESOME!!

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