Friday Funnies

That’s right. This is my attempt to be funny. I don’t generally consider myself so.
Last night, my knee(s) and my head were having a competition to see who could scream the loudest and produce the most discomfort. So, there was no running for me, unfortunately. Even going up and down the stairs was difficult.
I resorted to perusing Facebook, blogs and even Twitter until it stopped working for no apparent reason, which made my head the frontrunner until I had to get up and walk upstairs to get the charger for my laptop. The knees quickly took the lead.
Don’t worry, though, my head battled for the Finish Line and made a sure comeback when I saw [gasp!] a spelling error on Facebook. I am a stickler for spelling and grammar (I got to skip it in 8th grade after all to pursue my writing talents), and I will forever thank Jen for finding one [dear God, NO!] on my own blog and kindly corrected me. Whew. That was horribly awfully embarrassing and I almost resorted to deleting the whole thing. Thank goodness for the simple kindness of a blogland buddy.
Now, as my husband kindly pointed out, it is Facebook and people do “speak in slang.” No, this person just spelled the word wrong. I won’t mention any names or incidents here. I don’t know if he/she reads my blog. This person is educated and also responsible for the education of others (why he/she has a public FB, I will never understand).
I wanted so badly to correct it. Just leave a little comment saying ‘FYI- [blank] should actually be spelled [blank].’
I was literally sweating over it (and yes, I realize I am opening myself up to the same scrutiny, thank you Michael).
I didn’t correct it. Michael made me leave it alone. He said it is FB, not a college paper. I don’t see the difference. He said I need to realize sometimes people just “make mistakes.” You would have thought we were talking about the future of America. MAYBE WE WERE SINCE THIS PERSON TEACHES THE FUTURE OF AMERICA! I digress.
Anywhoodle (I don’t even know if I should use that since it is not grammatically correct!), Michael wrote me a nice note before going to bed to let me know just how much he cares:
The only stipulation of me posting this is to let you know (a) my husband is educated, (b) he knows how to spell his own name and (c) he was just doing this to “annoy” me. I question these things.
And, just in case you haven’t had enough already, this is what is expected of me at my job. Everyday.  And, trust me, everyone who walks through the door has at least one problem that needs work.
Too bad I wouldn’t exactly be allowed to hang this in my office.

AND although not necessarily funny this is totally F-U-N!. Check out this awesome giveaway from Christy at Skinned Knees. I want to win, but it I don’t, this is what I might ask my husband to get me for my birthday (he likes to be told exactly, but I like surprises). I am obsessed with bags. 

Check out the bag! I will dream of this, most likely:

Luckycann Aster Bag

 Thanks, Christy! In my opinion, every runner needs one of these! Enter to win by August 19th! And check out Skinned Knees for more product info!

Skinned Knees

What about you? Does your job require you to solve problems regularly? Are your efforts appreciated? Do spelling and grammatical errors get on your nerves? Don’t worry, I won’t spellcheck your comments (publicly).  Do you like bags?

Happy Friday!
Until the next mile marker,


  1. LOL….love this post! My job is totally about multi-tasking and problem-solving. By the end of the week, I’m sure my conflict resolution skills are depleted and I’m not feeling much like a people person 🙂

    You crack me up.

  2. Thanks, Rachael! It is so funny that you mention “loose” and “lose” because that is what Jen corrected me on! I had it under my blog title that I wanted to “loose” a little weight. HAHA! I was horrified and you can bet I never do that anymore!

  3. runningperseverance says

    totally feel you on the spelling thing!! every once in a while i can let it slide but if it is a word that you just know they should have spelled correctly…that is FRUSTRATING. your husband’s note is absolutely hysterical!

  4. This made go and check my status! LOL! Phew! I think I’m good… 🙂

  5. Ren Powell says

    My spelling used to be a source of shame. My spelling hasn’t improved at all, but my attitude has. I am a professional writer. There are professional copywriters. They need something to do. My problem with reading whole words, and reading and writing them far too quickly helps create jobs in a troubled economy. That’s how I choose to see it. I don’t always spellcheck my facebook comments and I don’t always put on make-up to go to the grocery store. I think I have an eye on what’s important.

    That note is priceless.

  6. Laurie Bilovesky says

    I am being totally bad and reading blogs when I should be working but oh well! I have big issues with misspelling and grammar issues as well. My biggest pet peeve! The way we communicate lately has really deteriorated our own language and it is just scary to think a child may grow up texting “R U there? I shld come c u” and think that is right! So we share pet peeves! I really hate it when people who are intelligent and use the wrong word for something too. And I am beginning to think we’re twins…….I have a giant bag issue too! I love purses, bags, etc. I have too many and of course I will register for the giveaway at Skinned Knee. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Christina Patterson says

    The occasional spelling error doesn’t bother me, but when I see someone consistently making errors, I get really worked up about it. It sounds silly, but it really is bothersome! Anyway, I can relate. 🙂 Cute note!

  8. Rachael @ Happy Healthy Runner says

    I feel the same about spelling. It irks me when people spell things wrong, like “loose” and “lose” and the “there/they’re/their” issue. UUGGHHH.

    Hope your knees and head get to feelin’ better!

  9. Melinda Phanord says

    that is so funny about the spelling mistake. I am usually a stickler about spelling too, but the last few days I have been on pain meds and I have been spelling everything wrong and when I go back and look at papers and homework I realize how messed up they are. It is embarassing.
    I still haven’t figured out when to use “effect” and “affect”…my biggest spelling challenge. LOL!
    Mike’s letter was hilarious. It is good to get teased once and awhile. Especially from the ones we love.
    Hope you feel better.

  10. Umm, my dad has a PhD in English Composition and he texts like a 13 year old girl. It’s so annoying!

  11. Sara, I think you and ‘Mikole’ are both pretty funny!

    Yes, spelling and grammar mistakes both make my skin crawl. Unfortunately, I do not have the best typing skills so I get to say my spelling errors are actually due to that! I cringe when I see poor grammar in newpaper articles. Drives me nuts.

    I used to BE the help desk in our IT dep’t at my last job. I had a secret sign in my desk that read:


    Helped with my sanity lots of days.

    Have a great weekend and rest those knees!

  12. Oh, and never forget my favorite quote: BAD PLANNING ON YOUR PART DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY ON MY PART!!!!!

    I’ve found it quite useful!!

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