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I opened Google Reader today for the first time in just over three weeks. Welcome to 1000+ updates. Whoa. You guys have been busy! And for seven and a half hours (No, I’m not at all kidding) I was busy too. Can I please be a full-time blogger for the rest of my life? And thank you. Today flew by! I as so thankful to have something to do since I’m not working or running or coaching at this exact moment. 

I caught up on all my favorites and tried to comment as much as I could. For those of you I missed, please know I read your posts and am glad to hear so many of you are doing so well! Your words and recent athletic accomplishments serve as an inspiration to me to know that I will run again. That this is not permanent and that I have a lot to be thankful for, even though it is hard to think about right now.

Over at Eat Run Sail by Elle, I found a particularly entertaining tool at Wordle. Warning: Proceed at your own risk because you may become addicted! I know I did! Go to the page and put in your blog URL or other words and see what you get. You can scroll through the designs until you find one you like or even change the font, color, design and layout as you wish. Hit the Randomize button towards the bottom until your heart is content! Hello word addiction. The possibilities are really endless.

Here is the one I created using my blog URL:

And, another one I did regarding my most recent post. I simply entered the song lyrics.

And I have about 42,000 other designs saved on my desktop. You can figure this into my 7.5  hours of blogging time today. Enjoy!

Until the next mile marker,


  1. HAH! I knew you would have fun with Wordle! so glad you read that post and gave it a try!

  2. I’m ‘wordling’ now.

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