GF WHAT?! Is Going Where?!

You’ve heard the rumors, no doubt. First Picnik and now GFC. That’s right, Google Friend Connect (or more commonly GFC) is going away at the beginning of March. GFC is Google’s tool that supposedly makes it easy for users to join (or “follow”) your site and interact with other users.

If you’re like me, you said GF WHAT?! You know, this thing:

My lovely followers.

Frankly, I enjoy seeing the numbers go up (I don’t think they have ever gone down, actually), but I don’t see what GFC does that is so special. Mostly, I am worried about losing subscriptions I have through GFC when it goes away. I have heard this only applies to non-blogger (a.k.a. WordPress blogs). Then, I realized that most blogs I keep up to date on, I follow in multiple ways so maybe it won’t be so bad. And, if you are using Blogger already, supposedly your GFC subscriptions will stay in your Google Reader.

Bottom line for me and you? There are multiple ways to follow along and while I will be phasing out my GFC tool, you can find me in these other ways (all located on the left sidebar!):

Social Media (Who doesn’t love it already?)

Networked Blogs (We do everything on Facebook anyway)

More lovelies.

dailymile (It’s free and a great community)
Feed Reeder or Direct Email (I used to not like this option)

(But now I think I do because you can choose your reader)

And now….
Linky Followers (I don’t really know what I am doing yet)
So, follow me someway, somehow! Just be sure that if you currently follow me through GFC and you are not using Blogger that you do one of these things instead if you want to stay connected. If you use GFC and want to try Linky Followers, you can find more information at their site HERE. Or, you can hop on over to Jenn’s Adventures because she said all of this in her Tech-y Tuesday Column this week much more elquently than I ever could. 
And of course, you can find me (and subscribe to my reports via RSS feed) at Pace Per Mile Radio and through FitFluential
Until the next mile marker, 


  1. Oh good- I never liked that Feed Reader/Direct Email option, but I didn’t realize you could choose the reader that way. Adding that! Thanks!

  2. lauriewalksfast says

    Another blog I follow said GFC is not going away for Bloggers who use Blogger. I don’t know what is true or not. Figured I’d find out if it vanishes off my site next week. Either way, you can still put any blog into your google reader.

  3. Exactly! That is what I have been doing too!

  4. I did hear it will not go away in March for Bloggers, but they are planning to phase it out by the end of the year completely. Guess we will all find out shortly!

  5. great post girl! I can’t believe how hush-hush it’s been — shame on google! I mean, blogger! =D

  6. RunningMandy says

    Good to know!

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