Have you ever…

Woke up on the Tuesday after your birthday and then realized you have a Half Marathon scheduled for the coming Sunday?
No?  Well, I did!  And believe me, if you can live vicariously through my realization and not your own, you will save yourself a lot of anxiety.
That being said, I then realized:
  1. YIKES! (Since this is a family-friendly blog)
  2.  For the remainder of this week, I need to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.  Sorry folks, it’s about to be me-time for awhile.  
  3. This race isn’t any less important that any other Half I have run…I just happened to forget about it after getting wrapped up in my non-running life.
  4. Apparently I live two lives.  Running and non-running.
  5. I need to be careful not to let my non-running life not only interfere with, but take over my running life. 
  6. I can’t have a normal non-running life without an abnormal running life.  This means I will run – all the time – it is my priority.
  7. I do not expect anyone in my life to understand this.  I do expect them to respect it.  In fact, if you know me as a non-runner, the runner in me may be difficult to accept.  I’m okay with that.
  8. When I say I have to run.  I have to run.  Yes, bad things will happen if I don’t.  Just ask my husband.
  9. If you know me primarily as a runner I want to say Thank You.  Your support, patience, encouragement, and understanding is invaluable to me.
  10. It’s CRUNCH TIME for me! 

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