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So, I set out to run tonight – 5 miles – and it did not go exactly as planned. Truth be told, I actually debated whether or not to go out at all. My heart rate was already up to 140 before I even left the house, which is really high for me. I ran about a mile and felt really tired. Whether it was in my head or not, I don’t know. But I, embarrassingly enough, called it quits after a mile and came home to sort out a mess with my online bill payment service and make dinner. For once, my mind was 100% committed to running, but my body was just feeling worn out. Rest tonight, back to it tomorrow.
Needles to say, I was feeling really bummed out after I ran 1 mile and walked back home – it was gorgeous out today and nearly 60 degrees – like I said, I wanted to run!  And, when I get to feeling bad, comfort food always makes me feel better…BUT……I really try to limit myself when it comes to emotional eating because then I will get out of control and not be able to stop (so I am afraid).
I love Chinese food, and tonight I decided to make a healthy stir-fry to satisfy my craving and my disappointment. Take a look at what I made!
The ingredients are simple enough and you can add or subtract ingredients to suit your tastes.
You can’t have too many vegetables – I used mushrooms, green peppers, and onions. All fresh produce:
 I chose shrimp as my protein (again, you can use what you like!). We buy it with the shell on because it is cheaper and after thawing under warm water, it is really easy to peel:
I drizzled a small amount of Canola Oil in the wok and added the mushrooms. They take the longest to cook so I would recommend starting with them:
After they were lightly browned, I added the remaining vegetables:
I let all the vegetables cook down until they were soft and fragrant. Then I added the shrimp:
When the shrimp was pink and cooked thoroughly, I added a small amount of our favorite stir fry sauce – Szechuan Spicy from House of Tsang. It is only 25 calories for an entire tablespoon and is low on fat, carbs, and sugar. I use it sparingly in the dish and my husband adds more to his own plate:
Here is the finished product. My husband likes to eat his stir fry with Basmati rice:

You can serve it with a small portion of brown rice (about 1/3 of a cup) for an even healthier dish. Or, just eat the stir-fry if you are carb-conscious (it’s still really good!):
What are some of your favorite comfort foods? Have you found a way to make them healthy and not sacrifice all of the taste? What is one thing you enjoy no matter how unhealthy it is (this would be your weakness).
My weakness would be the Cadbury Egg, which Michael brought home for desert. Thank God they only come out in the spring!
Happy Running (or eating),


  1. Eh, sometimes the body just needs a break. Don’t feel bad! And oh man, i looooove Cadbury Eggs!!

  2. oh…the Cadbury Egg…mmmmmmmm….

  3. oh…the Cadbury Egg…mmmmmmmm….

  4. Eh, sometimes the body just needs a break. Don’t feel bad! And oh man, i looooove Cadbury Eggs!!

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