I think I actually have a plan!

So, let’s be honest with one another. The Goofy is less than threeweeks away and my training lately has looked a lot like this.

With 18 miles being my longest training run for this race, I started getting a little nervous about how the 26.2 part of the challenge would go. I’m not looking to PR it by any means (although anything could be better than Pittsburgh), but I have to finish!
On the advice of my running buddy, Heather, I contacted pretty-much-wrote-a-frantic-email to Mr. Jeff – a pretty-much-pro-runner and very supportive friend of mine.  
And now, I have a plan, not to mention some other advice that I temporarily forgot. I told Jeff I was pretty certain I no longer liked putting in the miles to train for the Goofy. And I was starting to think there was something really wrong with me for feeling that way. His reply: ” As far as not ‘liking’ the training anymore – welcome to the club, my friend!! When you get to this point, you have to smile. You’ve put in all the time/effort/miles to get here, and you need to be proud of yourself, and ….. keep on keepin’ on.  All the difference is made from this point forward.” That’s brilliant, right? I thought so.
Okay, so I’m not giving up and I’m not entirely [entirely] crazy for feeling burned out right now, so then what’s next in terms of training?
Jeff reminded me that long runs and/or walks are tough for everyone.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we are, we all struggle and we all push our bodies, which adjust to the mileage and get stronger as we go. We’re putting the same amount of work in, no matter how long or short we are out there.
And the truth I was previously afraid to hear: I need a longer run than 18 miles to get me through this race. The shorter runs are only maintenance-mode at this point; they help keep our bodies in working order. Jeff said I need to go a bit further, and soon.
I have committed to him, a few of my friends, and now you, that I will run 20 miles on Monday, the day after Christmas. 
In terms of my knee and foot, my foot most likely is compensating for me trying to take it easier on my knee. I need to rest between now and my 20-miler except for an easy 2-3 mile run with my MIT gang on Saturday. Take it easy and save up for Monday. My knee (and therefore foot) should hold up until January, which I anticipated, but I need to take some downtime between now and then. Rest. 20 Miler Monday. Rest for a few days. Then some maintenance runs.
And maybe most important advice I received from Jeff? Smile because it will be okay. I really needed to hear that.   
Sound like a plan to anyone else? It does to me!
I am so thankful to have the support, help and guidance from not only Jeff, but all of my MIT friends and fellow runners. You guys keep me going when I want to quit. 
Until the next mile marker, 

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  1. Jessica Alaimo says

    Sara I have confidence YOU WILL DO THIS! You will so blast through that 20 miler and rock out Goofy. It sounds like you have great support and a great plan!

  2. Good for you for asking a pro for advice at this point. I have so much confidence in you!

  3. I agree with Jeff. Just smile and relax. You will do great and complete Goofy!

  4. Do I know that Jeff? I assumed you meant H——son, but that is definitely not the Jeff pictured.

  5. lauriewalksfast says

    How do you NOT know that Jeff?? He is just the co-founder of our group! Starts with a G and ends with an E. And here I thought you knew it all! 😉

  6. lauriewalksfast says

    He gave you some sound advice! At least you can carb up on Sunday and not feel guilty!

  7. Probably because I’m anti-social and hate everyone (someday you’ll believe me).

  8. Glad you have a plan! 🙂 You can do it! Let me know if there is anyway that I can help you out during your 20 miler…run/walk some with you or bring you sustenance! ♥ you!

  9. Great plan Sara! Good luck with your 20 mile run!

  10. You can do it Sara!!!! 🙂

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