Know the Facts About DVT

March is DVT/Blood Clot Awareness Month

Deep vein  thrombosis or DVT is a condition that involves  blood clot formation in the veins, typically of the legs or groin areas. The most  serious risk associated with deep vein thrombosis is that part of the blood clot will  break off, travel along the veins, and get lodged in the lungs or heart, causing a potentially fatal pulmonary or coronary embolism.

According to the American Heart Association, as many as two million Americans are affected  by deep vein thrombosis each year. Of those who develop pulmonary embolism, up to 300,000 will die every year. More Americans die each year from DVT/PE than from breast cancer and AIDS combined. Pregnant women are five times more likely than non-pregnant women to develop DVT. Yet, according to a national survey sponsored by the American Public Health Association, 74% of Americans have little or no awareness of DVT. (Source)

Here’s what you need to know:

largedvtinfographicCourtesy of: Horizon Vascular Specialists in Maryland

What about you – did you know what a DVT was before now? Have you or a loved one experienced this condition? Please share!
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