Maybe I should become a dog (or weather) blogger.

I go back to work tomorrow. Maybe that is for the best? If not, maybe I need to become a dog blogger. Or maybe even a weather blogger? The news hasn’t been interested in my photos (I may have sent a lot), hence I am sharing them with you.

It’s been a rough couple of days around here. We’ve had some pretty intense summer storms. The 75 mile an hour wind gusts and baseball-sized hail took out power for over 475,000 people. There have been boil alerts, water shortages, emergency shelters opened and National Guard troops deployed. The Governor declared a State of Emergency and power might not be restored until next weekend in some areas.

I am very lucky I did not lose power. I would not have been able to breath without air in the heat. Thankfully, my doctor allowed me to go off oxygen last Wednesday so I am not as dependent on electricity as I might have been.

This was the scene outside my house on Friday night:

It came out of nowhere.

Tonight was like a rerun, but we had a little more warning:

The dogs do not like thunderstorms.

“Did somebody say thunderstorm?! Can I go outside?”

“This wind is great, Mama!”

The dog dog does not like thunderstorms.

“Oh. No. Is THAT a thunderstorm I hear?!”

“Maybe Daddy can save me.”

 What about you? Did you get severe weather where you live? Are you without power? 

Until the next mile marker,


  1. Nita Sweeney says

    So glad you have power. We’re on a generator so we have a fridge, some lights and the internet when we choose to turn the generator on. No AC, but our house had stayed below 80. Others are not so lucky. Hope you have a great first day at work. Still keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. runningperseverance says

    we haven’t had any severe weather here…besides crazy wild fires and heat. eeeek.

    i hope the storms have passed for you now and the pups are recovered:) well…the dog dog has recovered:) haha! good luck at work! im sure it will be great to be there and get back to a routine…plus how exciting that you are starting something you have hoped to do for SO long:)

    the area where you live looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. What ominous clouds! Stay safe!

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