Media Kits: Why Your Blog Needs One

I have been reading a lot about media kits for bloggers lately, especially from fellow FitFluential Ambassadors like Katy and Maria (both rock star bloggers, so go check them out). So, what exactly is a media kit all about?

Who needs a media kit?

You do. If you are a blogger who wants to promote your blog, services (and, yes, you do have them), participate in product reviews and/or someday earn revenue from marketing your blog – you need a media kit! With a media kit you are continuously prepared for interview opportunities, sponsorship opportunities, speaking opportunities or even job interviews.

What is a media kit?

It is kind of like a visual resume for your blog (or flyer) soliciting the opportunities you would most like to be involved in. It can be custom to you and your blogging goals, but might include some of the following features: summary of your blog, relevant social networking icons/contact information, current photo/logo/graphics, your name and blog name, statistics, services offered, benefits, press or association with brands, ad sizes and rates and contact information. Your media kit should also be visually appealing and easy to read so the person reading it will remember you later.

When do you need a media kit?

Keeping in mind there is no time like the present, why wait? You already have all the information you need because it is about you. And no, you don’t need a large Twitter or Facebook following or thousands of unique monthly page views to qualify your blog for a media kit. Many companies are looking for specific niche blogs with a loyal [read: not large] following to promote their products to. You can use your media kit to reach out to brands, race and sporting events and publications – the possibilities are really endless and entirely up to you!

Where can you get a media kit?

Although you can, there is no need to hire a professional designer to make your media kit. You can use a number of basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word or Publisher (sorry, I am not too familiar with Apple, but a quick internet search should lead you in the right direction). You can also use your fellow bloggers for advice, ideas and maybe even templates.

Why do you need a media kit?

Because you need to take yourself seriously. Know your worth. If you spend a lot of time on your blog and want to take it to the next level, a media kit will be beneficial for you!

I’ve been thinking about how I would create one for quite some time now, but haven’t just sat down and made one – until now. Here’s mine!

So, what do you think? I would love to know your comments or suggestions!

Do you have a media kit? What are some things you included in yours? Has it helped you succeed as a blogger?

Until the next mile marker,


  1. Why yes! I do have a Media Kit.
    I made mine thorough MadMimi; an online website for creating newsletters and other promotions. Very simple and easy to send directly to prospective clients and brands!
    I only send it out selectively; once I’ve reached out to a brand and they’ve asked for more info.
    I only include numbers for my social media platforms if asked. Don’t want numbers to be the thing a brand makes it’s initial decision on!
    Your’s looks great! I love the inclusion of ‘brands I’ve worked with’. Nice.

  2. I have one, but haven’t updated it in far too long! Something I need to get on – adding it to my “to-do” list now. 🙂

  3. What program did you use to create yours?

  4. Sara, It is beautiful and your accomplishments certainly make an impressive presentation. I agree with Tamara about withholding those numbers… otherwise you have to be updating regularly too.

    Very nice design.

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