Milestones: Holiday Recap

First of all, I must say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my blogland friends!  I truly hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends.
I also hope you got the chance to participate in a holiday run (as I see many of you did!) or even got out for a run or a walk to help balance out all those extra calories we consumed.
I’m participating in the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, thanks to Amanda over at Run To The Finish and (thankfully!) participated in the Flying Feather Four Miler to help rack up some of those holiday-bootie-busting points!  I am thankful for the community of bloggers that I rely on everyday for support, encouragement, and even laughs – thanks for listening to me!
I ran the Flying Feather with my mom and sister, which I am very thankful for.  As a matter of fact, when my family sat down to eat dinner yesterday, we were all thankful for our health and for being able to run.  I remain thankful for these things today.  And, again, take time to reflect on how much my life as changed due to running.  I am thankful for my strength and determination.
Last year, I ran the Flying Feather Four Miler in 54 minutes and 06 seconds, with an average pace of 13:32.  Here is a picture from last year’s race:
Me and Mom before the race.
This year, I ran the same race in about 47 minutes (my time wasn’t officially recorded – bummer!) with an average pace of 11:53!  This is not only a significant improvement from last year (thank you treadmill sprints!), but my BEST RACE TIME EVER!  I am so thankful to have run this race with my mom and sister and to have my father there to cheer us on.  I am thankful for my family.
I am also thankful to have a strong support network through MIT and have been fortunate enough to meet some really great people to run with who I call my friends.  I am thankful for my friends.
Weekly Goal Recap:
  1. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2011.
  • Thursday – I ran the Flying Feather Four Miler the fastest I have ever run any race in my life!  I felt great and now feel inspired to keep training harder.
  • Friday – I did a good hour-long cross-training working to work on core-strengthening, balance, and sprints.
  1. Loose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  • This week, I lost inches in both my chest and arms again for a total loss of 1.25” off my arms, 2.5” off my chest and 1” off my waist!!
  • I didn’t overdo myself at Thanksgiving, but was still able to enjoy all of my favorites – turkey, mom’s mashed potatoes, candied yams, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, and even a glass of our prize-wine!  I packed in the protein and also added corn and steamed green beans instead of casseroles.  When I was full – I stopped eating completely, allowing myself to be okay with having a small amount of turkey and potatoes as leftovers for lunch today!  After all, what is Thanksgiving without the leftovers!? 😉
  1. Be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by next summer.
  • Today I weighed in at 200.4 lbs
  • Weekly weight loss: -1 lb (even with Thanksgiving!!)
  • Total weight loss since November 4, 2010: 6.4 lbs


  1. Rock on sister!! That’s an awesome improvement and a GREAT race time! yippee!! Happy belated thanksgiving 🙂

  2. with your mom and sister? that’s so awesome! I wish I could do that with mine =( Thanks for linking up =)

  3. Ugh, I wrote out a comment, and blogger deleted it.

    Wow, nice race time! You knocked last year’s time out of the water. 🙂 Congrats on losing a pound over the holiday! Love the family pic!

    I’m glad you found my blog. It’s nice to see another Ohio face! My first marathon will be the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on May 1. That’s so neat we’ll be doing our first marathons the same month! I see your Facebook link on the side of your page, and I’m totally going to friend-request you. 🙂

  4. Awesome time! Way to go on the weight loss as well! You rock!

  5. Hi Sara! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I actually get to Columbus often for work.. Best of luck training for your Marathon!

  6. (Just) Trying is for Little Girls says

    Way to PR in your 4 miler. And wine as a race prize? Awesome. Just found your blog and look forward to following you.

  7. (Just) Trying is for Little Gi says

    Way to PR in your 4 miler. And wine as a race prize? Awesome. Just found your blog and look forward to following you.

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