Milestones: Small Successes

Today the smallest victories are the most important victories.
I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at home.
That’s after not doing much since Sunday.
It’s been a hard week. It’s been one of those weeks when life gets in the way of running – and there is just nothing you can do about it. I like it better when running gets in the way of life.   
I’m looking forward to what tomorrow holds: A run with my group – I love coaching and I love my new friends. Tomorrow is a new day with a new chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life.
Slowly, but surely my goals are coming along:
  1. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May.
  • I had a good 6 mile run on Sunday that consisted of some serious hills. I’m not as worried about he hills in Pittsburgh as I thought I would be! I ran 3 miles on the treadmill tonight, which, considering that I originally did not want to run [on the treadmill] at all I am happy that I busted it out! Come on spring!
  1. Loose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  •  I cut out eating heavy carbs (rice, couscous, pasta, breads, potatoes, etc.) at night, which has been difficult, but I think it may be helping me. I have been eating meat and vegetables for dinner and maybe a glass of skim mile before bed.
  1. Be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by this summer.
  • Today I weighed in at exactly 200.0 pounds. I am hoping I am finally breaking through my plateau this week and saying goodbye to the 200’s forever!
  1. Be a committed, reliable, inspiring, encouraging, and helpful Pace Coach to the 13-minute per mile pace group and help newer runners achieve their dreams of running a marathon. 
  •   I’m not sure how motivating I have been lately since I myself am lacking motivation for training right now. However, I am so proud of my pace group and the progress they have made in such a little amount of time. It is inspiring for me to watch them grow as runners!
  1. Obtain my ACSM Personal Training Certification by April 2011. 
  • I remember whey studying is hard, but I keep working on it!
Happy running,


  1. Great goals! You’ve inspired me to do the same thing on my blog.

    Thanks for also reminding me that there are small victories!

  2. Fabulous goals! I see you’re running Bryce this summer??!! I can’t wait for that review! I love love love Bryce Canyon and have looked at running that race, but it’s hard to leave home in the summer.

  3. @ Tara – Thanks and you’re welcome! I’ll look forward to reading about your goals.

    @ funderson – I SO SO SO WANT to run Bryce Canyon this summer, but I don’t know if this year will be the year I make it out there due to finances. I will do it someday though and write a review for my blog-friends! 😉

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