(Milestones) You thought I forgot

About the good ‘ol Milestones post. But, I didn’t. I just haven’t really reached any lately, which is really discouraging and kind of has me down. Well, it does have me down.
Let’s do a quick recap of my goals:
  1. Run Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May.
  2. Loose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  3. Be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by this summer.
  4. Be a committed, reliable, inspiring, encouraging, and helpful Pace Coach to the 13-minute per mile pace group and help newer runners achieve their dreams of running a marathon.
  5. Obtain my ACSM Personal Training Certification by April 2011.
And my progress so far:
1.     Today was a pretty good training week for me. Then again, lately any run I run is a good training week for me! Is anyone else struggling with winter motivation?! I got up early to run this morning (like before the clock struck 6:00 a.m. and I think I might be on to something. I think I might actually enjoy running in the morning. My morning went great, I felt refreshed and calm, but now (this afternoon), I am feeling the drag and wishing I could just get out of work so I can go get the rest of my mileage in for the day. I wish someone would pay me to run. I think you have to be fast for that, though.
2.     Losing the pounds? Not. So. Much. [Read: the source of my frustration].
3.     See above. I have plateaued for the last several weeks and am starting to feel like there is no end in sight. I run, I eat right, I work out, I try hard, I cut calories and still nothing. Big-time discouraged. Some days I am just trying not to give up.
4.     SO. MUCH. FUN. I love coaching for the MIT 13 minute pace group! I have been meeting and getting to know so many wonderfully inspiring and dedicated men and women, who I can’t wait to see cross that finish line in the spring! I love being able to give advice and learn from other runners around me as well. I love seeing myself in newer(ish) runners, and I remember how they are feeling every step of the way. I love it so much, that I decided to add a new column to my blog called Keeping the Pace where I want to write about my coaching experiences and what types of questions I get from MITers and other runners in my life. I think I even want to feature some runners – once I get to know them more! – and share their stories. Because I believe everyone has a story worth listening to. Part of what I love about my pace group is the community – the family – we have formed and I want to share that with others! I must tell you, though, this idea is not really completely mine. I borrowed it from Lesley over at Racing It Off who just achieved her RCCA Running Coach Certification and started a “Coach’s Corner” on her blog to detail her experiences. Thanks for the idea, Lesley (and congrats!) – I am looking forward to learning more from you as well! 🙂  
5.     Let me just say when I’m not running, training, trying to be a good wife and friend, or sleeping – I’m studying, studying, studying!

How are your goals coming for 2011? Any achievements? Any setbacks and if so, how are you overcoming them?

Happy Running,

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