There are good things on the horizon.  I can feel it.

I want to keep working hard to reach my goals, and I want to inspire others to do what I am doing.  To change their lives.

 Weekly Goal Recap:

  1. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2011.
  • Sunday – Ran the Buckeye Classic 10K Trail Run.  I guess you could say I got in some early practice for tackling those Pennsylvania hills!!
  • Tuesday – High Intensity Interval (a.k.a. HITT), in which I actually sprinted for five minutes straight – my longest sprint to date!
  • Thursday – Another great sprint workout on the treadmill mixed with core strengthening.
  1. Loose the last 50 pounds the healthy way.
  •  This week, I lost inches in both my chest and my arms.
  • I packed my lunch everyday this week not only ensuring that I ate healthy and balanced meals, but I saved some cash too!
  • I re-discovered that eating a solid breakfast really helps to improve my energy levels throughout the day.
  • My two favorite breakfasts so far:
 1)      1 cup shredded wheat (plain)
1 cup skim milk
1 small banana sliced
365 calories – 15 grams protein
2)      ½ cup natural plain oatmeal made with water
1 small banana sliced
¼ cup walnuts
436 calories – 11 grams protein
(If you like banana nut bread, I think this tastes just like it!)
  1. Be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by next summer.
  •  Today I weighed in at 201 lbs 
  • Weekly weight loss: -0.5 lbs (Technically I was 201.8 last week and 201.4 this week)
  • Total weight loss since November 4, 2010: -5.5 lbs


  1. Nice work this week! Great goals.

    Bringing lunch to work is super smart – take that extra money you’re saving put it in a a jar and then got treat yourself to some really cool running gear!

    By the way – my two fav. breakfasts too – minus the banana (sadly, I discovered I’m allergic to bananas a few years ago and had to give them up… 🙁 it was a sad day, indeed…. sigh.

  2. congrats. Keep it up.

  3. Thanks to you both! I appreciate your support!!! 😉

  4. congrats. Keep it up.

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