My Run for Sherry

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:42
Yesterday, I ran in memory of Sherry Arnold. No I didn’t know her personally, but she was a fellow runner that died in a horrible way and left many behind who loved her. 
Yesterday, it was bitterly cold in Central Ohio – for the first time this winter. It was about 17 degrees outside, but it felt more like –5 degrees with the wind-chill. It was the first time the Lucky 13’s had ever run in such harsh conditions and they excelled – they got out there and got it done! It was miserable, though, my thighs and right side went numb from the constant icy wind. Both are “burned” and bruising from nearly two hours of constant battering. It is days like these that make me wish I ran a whole lot faster.
To be honest, I wanted to quit more than once during this run. But I didn’t. Because it wasn’t an option. I even had an out. I could have waited at the Mile 2 water stop  for Duane and the rest of the group to circle around and lead them back from there. But I didn’t. Because I was running for Sherry. I ran every step for her. I shared most of my run with my friend Keri and we talked about Sherry for a little while. When the cold was really getting to us. I thought about how I could handle –5 degrees when Sherry will never get to run again. That hit home pretty hard. And I stopped complaining. I was running, and I wasn’t going to stop.
Me and a few of my fellow MITers.
This run was for you Sherry Arnold. We will never forget.
Did you run for Sherry? If you did, stop by SUAR’s blog and take about 30 seconds to complete this survey. And let her know how your run went too.  
Until the next mile marker,


  1. It was an honor to run with you yesterday. Thanks for always being there for us. Your story continues to inspire.

  2. Congrats on getting your run in despite the brutal Ohio weather. It does take on a whole new meaning when you dedicate it to someone. This is what I admire about the running community: support

  3. Awesome Sara! Way to turn the attitude around in very tough conditions.

  4. RunningMandy says

    Nice tribute Sara!

  5. Alison Gittelman/Racingtales says

    Nice report! I love how you pushed through the cold and the pain for Sherry. I thought it was cold here in VA but you have it much worse!

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