MY RUN is Your Run (The BIG Reveal!)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days?

I dream of running one marathon in May – to run 75 back to back is unfathomable.
Yet, for one 56 year-old man, Mr. Terry Hitchcock, running from his home in St. Paul, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia – a journey of over 2,000 miles – running the equivalent of a marathon a day for 75 days straight, would not even be the greatest obstacle he would face.
I’m beyond excited to announce that Indiewood Pictures and Destiny Pictures have teamed with NCM Fathom to bring the 10-time award-winning documentary MY RUN about Terry and his journey to theaters for a special one night only premier on MARCH 31, 2011!
Terry’s battle began nearly 12 years earlier when his wife, Sue, died of breast cancer and Terry found himself abruptly left alone to raise three small children. Throughout his struggle raise his family, Terry may have made a few mistakes, but his mission was absolute: to keep his family together. Terry’s experiences after loosing Sue taught about how difficult it is to maintain a family – especially as a single parent. He learned that it took faith and courage, stamina and stubbornness to keep his family whole – not unlike the qualities it takes to run a marathon. Feeling blessed to survive the challenges of single parenthood and having kept his family together, Terry ran to raise awareness for everyday heroes and to make others aware of the nearly 23 million kids who come home each night to a single parent household facing extraordinary obstacles everyday.
Terry’s story is certain to remind us that we are all running a marathon one way or another in life. Whether it is staying afloat as a single working parent, battling a disease, losing a loved one or trying to conquer another one of life’s obstacles, it all involves a fight. Don’t miss this unforgettably uplifting and inspirational film! You can see the trailer HERE.
MY RUN will be in 500 Movie Theaters Nationwide for a ONE NIGHT ONLY Premiere Event on MARCH 31, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. local time! Get YOUR tickets TODAY! A list of participating theaters and ticketing information can be found at
A portion of proceeds from the MY RUN Premier event will benefit the Livestrong Foundation.
Additionally, I am so thrilled and proud to announce that Mr. Mark Castaldo, producer of MY RUN, has graciously provided me with not one, but TWO PAIRS OF TICKETS to give away to my Words to Run By readers!
Here’s How to Win:
 (Please leave a comment for each)
1. Check HERE to make sure MY RUN is playing at a theater near you and let me know that it is (+1)
2. Share the news about this movie! Post to FB, Twitter or your Blog (+1 for each)
3. Include a link to this giveaway in one of your blog posts (+2)
4. Have a special blog post dedicated to this movie (+3)

You have until midnight on Thursday, March 10 to enter this giveaway! I will announce the winners on my blog on Friday, March 11.

“I firmly believe human beings can accomplish anything they put their minds to. All they need to get started is is someone to show them it’s possible.” – Terry Hitchcock

Happy Running,


  1. It’ll be in a theater close to me!

  2. Blogged about it 🙂

  3. I had never heard of this movie but am excited to see it! It’s playing at several theaters in Columbus 🙂

  4. being as I live in Atlanta, I am a little embarrassed that I have NO IDEA Terry was from Atlanta. (hanging head in shame). It will be in a theatre near me! I am curious about the whole 75 marathons in 75 days thing. Do you think they are actual races or just him running that distance on his own. I might just have to look him up 🙂

  5. It is in a theater close to me! YAY!

  6. I shared about this movie on my fb page!

  7. It’s in a theater close to me! Regal Cinemas @ VCC!

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  9. Playing near me!

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  11. Playing near me!

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  15. Yes! It is playing at the Dole Theaters in Honolulu =)

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  18. Posted a special blog post featuring the movie and the giveaway link.

  19. Candice @ I Have Run says

    It is playing at a theater near me!

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    Posted on FB!!

  21. I posted the picture on my sidebar that takes you to the site if you click on it.

  22. Posted on my sidebar!

  23. Yes! It is playing at the Dole Theaters in Honolulu =)

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