New kicks!

I have heard it said that every great running blogger writes about the times when she or he gets some new shoes…okay, no I haven’t, but I always enjoy reading about your new gear!

And as I was taking pictures of my shoes the other night, my husband walked in the living room, saw me, and said, “You’re taking pictures for your blog, aren’t you?”  I replied, “Yes…why!?!?!  Is is that obvious?”   He said, “Well, kind of, why else would someone be taking pictures of their shoes unless they had a running blog!?!”  I said, brilliantly, “Mind your own business, everyone online does it!”

I run in a pretty common, everyday running shoe.  Nothing fancy, not a lot of extra support, in fact you can find it at your everyday department store like Kohl’s.  I’ve tried tailor-made high end running store shoes and have had nothing but problems and have ended up retuning them so I stick with what I have known.  My shoe, the Aasics Gel Harumi:

Now, I made it well-known enough that I LOVE this shoe so when my mother discovered that it was no longer being made (or carried by Kohl’s) she went to every store in our general vicinity and bought all the size 9’s she could find.  For Christmas last year?  I got about ten pairs of new running shoes!  It was magical – one box after another – enough to keep me stalked for the better part of a few years.  So, you can imagine when I went to the Sports Doc last week, I was very pleased to hear he was happy with my shoe wear pattern and said they were an “excellent” shoe for me.  I was elated seeing that my closet is fully stocked!

The pair I have been wearing was starting to get a little worn.  When I went to the Physical Therapist on Monday, he suggested I invest in a new pair.  Little did he know I had an entire stockroom at home!  My old pair was starting to look a little worn: 

My old shoes and my new ones!    

You can especially see where the cushioning is worn down.  And given my knee injury, now is not the time to go without cushioning.

Old and new cushioning.      

And you can also see that the tread was beginning to wear away:

Old and new tread.

So, I started wearing the new shoes this week and this time I am going to try really hard to keep track of how many miles I put on them so I can swap them out for a new pair before they wear down too much.

Me in my new Harumis!

Happy running and blogging to all!  Enjoy your new gear!  And as always, I’ll be anxiously waiting to hear about it….

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