Run The Goofy Challenge in January? Watch Me.

Dear Runner Who Thinks I Cannot,

First, I will say it is not about being “fast” or “slow” or running a “good” race or a “bad” race. Instead-

I will no doubt have the time of my life running the Goofy Challenge with my friends and family there to support me. I do not care about being in competition with you, because you in fact, are not my greatest obstacle-

Yet, it is because of you and those who think like you that I will never ever give up-

And because of people like you, I do have to wonder-

Because I will not fail. And while I may not be the fastest or the skinniest or the fittest or the strongest or the anything-ist that you think I should be-
In fact, I may not even train the way you think I should, but- 
And after an eight mile run of grueling hills today,
And on days such as this, I smile in my triumph, no matter how small it may appear to you and think-
Because, as I said, I will do it, and I will live to tell you all about it and maybe then I can finally ask you,
You ask me if I think I can run the Goofy and here is my response to you,
I will. Maybe the question should be, will you? Because it can be very easy to run into others who think you cannot. Maybe it is because-
Bottom line? You really don’t know anything about me. You never even asked why I want to run the Goofy. So I am telling you now, for you to hear me-
Why do you run? And who would run for you one day? 
You think one slow, painstaking run won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of months and months of training and miles and miles of running. But I know for a fact if you-
So again I say to myself and to you-

Will I run The Goofy Challenge in January 2012? 

Watch me. 
Until the next mile maker, 
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  1. Wahhhhhoooooo! Go Sara! Love it.

  2. Love this post…so inspirational and just what I needed! You go girl!

  3. You will do the Goofy Challenge. You are going to great to Sara. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jenn Murray says

    Awesome post. It should say “turn around and watch me…..bitches”. LOL

  5. Go get ’em!!!!

  6. This post was truly motivating. You are going to rock this race, I can’t wait to watch and cheer you on!

  7. Suzanne Westenhofer says

    Great post! These are some of my favorite quotes and pictures associated with running, motivation, and success. You’re going to do great!

  8. LaurieBilovesky says

    What an awesome post! You WILL do it and you WILL be awesome!

  9. RunningMandy says

    Go Sara!!!

  10. Jennifer Roe says

    Wow. I LOVE this so much that I want to steal the whole thing and put it in my blog. That’s incredible. AWESOMEness.

  11. You go girl!

    I think it’s so great that you can dig down deep and find your own inspiration.

    You are gonna rock the Goofy!

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