Strong Body by Rebecca Runs: Make Yourself Spotlight!

Are any of you Nike fans out there? I personally love my Nike running gear – especially my fitted capris – I always feel like a super-fast runner when I am wearing them! As you may or may not know, Nike Women designs their products to “help women tackle whatever challenge they put their mind to.” They also provide fitness tips and workouts to help women reach their athletic and fitness goals.

Recently, Rebecca Black of Strong Body by Rebecca was selected for their Make Yourself Spotlight campaign as part of a global initiative to inspire and and motivate women to become the best version of themselves that they possibly can. 

Rebecca is making herself UNSTOPPABLE.

I’m so excited for her! Check out her interview with Nike Women below:

Personal trainer Rebecca Black has been helping women become physically fit for several years, but she’s quick to remind her clients that in order to have a strong body, you must have a strong mind. “I want women to know that they are unstoppable when they put their minds to something,” she says. “So many of my clients will say ‘I can’t do that,’ but after a little coaxing, they try it and find out they can do so much more than they anticipated!”

Rebecca says the lack of information on women’s health was an obstacle for her when she was first starting out on her fitness goals. However, something she’d learned from the hardships of growing up with a single mom is that life’s challenges are opportunities to develop perspective, and to create positive experiences. That’s why she wasn’t afraid to compete in her first fitness competition last year, despite not being in peak condition. “I didn’t go into it thinking I would win, I went into it thinking, ‘I am competing with the best women around and in order to be the best, you have to learn from and compete with the best!’” She recalls. “It was such an amazing learning experience, and it only made my hunger for competing stronger!”

One of Rebecca’s tips for staying motivated is to never repeat the same workout twice. “I’m not into cookie cutter workouts,” she says. One of her favorite things to do is find new exercises to incorporate into her sessions, and she challenges herself with heavy lifting, track workouts, and by tackling large flights of stairs.

“My grandfather always told me, ‘You’ll never know what you can do unless you try.’ [My goal is to be] an unstoppable force in the community providing motivation, inspiration and awareness to women everywhere.”

And what message does Rebecca want to pass on to my Strong Body readers most of all? “We can do anything we set our minds to! Dream big, set huge goals. Then create the steps needed to get to them, one at a time.

What are you making yourself?

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