Strong Body by Rebecca Runs: Show me your goal board for a chance to win!

Please welcome, Rebecca of Strong Body by Rebecca who has a great giveaway for you!
Everyone who lifts weights regularly knows how important a good pair of lifting gloves can be to protect your pretty little hands from calluses and blisters. 
I encourage my clients to use weight lifting gloves to protect their hands and make them feel strong and pretty. I fancy the gloves up for my clients with genuine Swarovski crystals! The gloves are Harbringer brand and are very good quality. 
Glam Gloves by Rebecca!
So, not only are gloves a necessity when sculpting your Strong Body – GOAL BOARDS ARE TOO!!! They are so important for visualizing where you came from and where you want to go. They can also motivate you to accomplish your dreams and reach for the stars. They serve as a constant reminder to keep striving to be the best runner, athlete, mother, daughter, husband, wife, sister, friend, role model – person – we can be.
One of my recently achieved goals was to run a race with Sara!
Ideas for your goal board include:
  • Pictures from the past, present and idealistic ones for the future.
  • Pictures, quotes, ideas of/from people who inspire and motivate you.
  • Quotes to keep you going!
  • Key phrases or words (mine are Entrepreneur, business woman).
  • Goals! Goal Weights, Goal distances, Time goals and any other life goals… don’t have to stick to fitness and health!
  • Anything that keeps you motivated and reminds you of who you want to be.

Some of the amazing fitness ladies on my goal board:

Do you  have a goal or vision board? If not, have you thought about creating one? 
Show me your Goal Board for your chance to win a free pair of your very own Glam Gloves!
Here’s how to enter for YOUR chance to win:
1. Go to my FACEBOOK page – and upload a picture of your goal board.
 Or EMAIL ME at by August 25th.
2. Tell me what your biggest goal is for the remainder of the 2011 year!!

On August 26th – I will put all of your vision boards in an online photo gallery on my business FACEBOOK page. Whoever has the most people LIKE their vision board – WINS!!! I might even throw in a few extra things if you win, but they are top secret right now! 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and show me your Goal Board for your chance to win!

Thanks, RB! I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s goal boards! They are always inspirational to me, even if they are not mine.


  1. Christina Patterson says

    Goal boards! What a neat idea! I’m definitely going to have to make one. I tear out motivating things from Runner’s World, but I just keep everything stacked between my magazines. Hmm…

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