Surprise! I do have a [non-running] life!

This weekend was entirely too short and went by entirely too quickly! It was, in fact, my 29th Birthday Bash put on by RB. I have never had a birthday celebration like this!
First, we got all dressed up at Rebecca’s house and she did my hair and make-up. She also found this dress for me – which I love. I haven’t felt this pretty in a really long time! It was so much fun to pretend like we were 15 again and get ready in Rebecca’s room jamming to tunes and trying on different outfits until we found the perfect look:
Dressed to impress!
We started off the night by going to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for the 3rd Annual Columbus Wine Festival. I had never been to a wine tasting before, but after Saturday – I will be going again! It was so much fun!
RB and Me at the Conservatory
It was a perfect evening to be outside and enjoy the gardens while sampling from a selection of more than 275 domestic and international wines – all available at Giant Eagle grocery. Score! I have to admit, my favorite thing I sampled was not wine, but Black Cherry Vodka. Mixed with Diet 7UP, it was like bliss in a glass. Just don’t count the calories. You don’t want to know, and I am glad I only had a one ounce taste.
Yay! Wine!

Then we met up with our lovely friend Kristina at Sushi Rock downtown.

Kristina, RB & Me.
We ordered four rolls to share, including the Spider Roll and Lobster Roll. The sushi was very good, although I was not fond of the Spider, which is the one I picked out. It was really fun to go out with the girls and eat food I don’t get to eat very often (no one in my family likes sushi!).
Waiting for dinner.

After dinner, was Phase III of the party and it was already 10:30 p.m. Usually, I am in bed by then and I haven’t really partied since college (I think). We went to the Roharik Productions Summer Creative Industry Mixer III.

It was awesome and not like any other party I had been too. There was music and locally distilled vodka as well as some really interesting and artistically creative people there [read a lot of models]. I really like the photographer, Matthew Roharik, who I got to meet. The party them was The Police Line-up based on Matthew’s stunning photo:

So, you know what that meant! Come to a photography party – you can pretty much count on having your picture taken to get in the door!

Guilty or Innocent? Your guess is as good as mine!

I really appreciate this party. I know it sounds strange, but it pushed me WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Me trying to be normal? Again, who knows!
I’m not used to going out and having fun around people I don’t know. I get nervous in crowds and I don’t typically enjoy the party scene. But, the people at the production party – and RB and Kristina – were very welcoming and I didn’t feel awkward because of any of them! It was stepping outside of my own comfort zone that made me anxious at first. I ended up having a good time, though and I was – gasp! – out until 1:00 a.m. Let me tell you, I have turned into a party animal!
Sunday, the fun wasn’t even done; I went to a Tarot Card reading with RB and found out some very interesting things.
  • Listen to myself for a change and do not let others push me around. I apparently need to focus on myself and cut on the interferences. The reader even said, “You can tell people no.”
  • Don’t let anxiety disrupt my health and my rest. Along with that, remember something happy or joyful every day.
  • Problems arise for a reason, not because I did something wrong or because I need to fix them, but because I can learn from them and grow as a person.
  • In regards to my future, my hard work and decisions will pay off and my family and financial outlook is solid. The reader said I will have the opportunity to take risks and I should not be afraid to do so.
  • ‘The Hermit’ card showed up a lot, which apparently means I need to start listening to myself and focus on what direction I want my life to take.
Interesting, right?
How’s that for an awesome weekend?! 
Tell me about your weekends! Have any of you been to a fancy party and had fun? Have you been to a tarot card reader? What do you think about psychic readings? Do you believe in them or take them to heart? I’ve been asking everyone for their opinions!
Until the next mile marker, 

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  1. Mollie Phythyon says

    glad you had a good birthday!

    i don’t take much stock in tarot readings or astrology or stuff like that. it’s all generic words that can basically be construed to fit anyone. plus, half that stuff i could have told you anyway (would you have listened???).

    but hey, that’s just me. don’t let my skepticism ruin your fun.

  2. Well I am glad you had such an awesome time out on the town with your girls. And I bet M loved you in that dress, too.

    I am sending you early Happy Birthday wishes for Tuesday… cause by the time I get up in the morning, your day will be well under way!


  3. What she said. I used to read tarot cards and all of the meaning are incredibly generic. Also, I swear I’ve been telling you some of that stuff all the time!

  4. runningperseverance says

    GIRL! you look gorgeous in your pics!!!! so happy that you had such a bash for your bday 🙂 HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve been to the conservatory. Very nice! A girls night out is ALWAYS fun 🙂

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! And Happy Birthday! Glad that your friends took you out and treated you like the princess you are.
    I went to the wine festival last year and had a blast. I’m a huge wine lover so I’m sure I’ll be going to plenty of festivals in the next year.

  7. Jennifer Roe says

    You look gorgeous and it sounds like a perfect bday weekend! I’m jealous, it makes me feel like getting dressed up and going out! WOO HOO. I love astrology and all that jazz, I generally don’t go and yeah, you might have to take it with a grain of salt but I find it interesting to get read and see what they have to say.

    My weekend was pretty much holed up and waiting out the hurricane while my (soon to be four year old… hello Aug. 30th baby) was going stir crazy in the house all weekend!

    I’ve been voting for you EVERYDAY girl!! I hope you get on that team (and I hope I win those compression socks or shorts!)

  8. Kimberly Turner Bouldin says

    What a blast!! Sounds like this was really good for your soul! You look gorgeous!

  9. Lesley @ says

    Love the dress. Glad you had an awesome birthday celebration.

  10. Oh my gosh Sara you look so freaking pretty! And your legs look banging in that dress!! Get it girl. So glad you had a fun night out on the town. You definitely deserve it!!

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