You CAN Build A Remarkable Blog

As bloggers, it is only natural to compare ourselves to other bloggers. And, if you’re anything like me, you strive to make your blog better. Whether it be increasing comments, generating unique page views, creating better content, redesigning your graphics or making money from your site, you can build a remarkable blog.  And, you can do these things without blogging consuming your life.

Are you ready to find out how?

If you have the passion to make your blogging dream happen, then all you need is the knowledge and tools to get there and now you can take advantage of that knowledge with a free, 3 part training series: Build Your Remarkable Blog. The series is part of Blog School, designed by Blog Genie and is all you need to get started building your remarkable blog.

The three-part training series will be delivered over 3 weeks, one lesson & worksheet every Tuesday, starting July 23 – that’s tomorrow.

The topics of the training are:

  1. Are You Blogging In the Right Niche? – Release date July 23 – that’s tomorrow!
  2. The Art of Getting Things Done – Release date July 30
  3. Believe You Can – Release date August 6

The goal of this program is to give you, my readers, something of great value to improve your blog even if you do not attend blog school. I have invested in Blog Genie to build this website and also Blood Clot Recovery Network for me and I am continually impressed by the service I have received. It is definitely worth signing up for the training series, plus it doesn’t cost you anything!

It’s free and it starts tomorrow – sign up HERE. What are you waiting for to build your remarkable blog?

Until the next mile marker,

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It’s a Wrap! #28DBC Days 8-14

Another week of the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick is wrapping up today. Compared to last week, I haven’t made a ton of improvements on my blog, but sometimes, it is the small things that count, right?! It’s not too late to join the challenge with just under half the month of Fenruary left.

This week-

  • I’m still replying to every blog comment that is left. I don’t get very many it seems so this isn’t too hard right now. I plan to keep it up no matter how many comments I get.
  • I added a comments section and Featured Post plug-in to the bottom of my blog.

  • I fixed my Daily Mile Training Widget so it appears updated with my most recent run on my sidebar.
  • I got caught up with a 1,000 + posts in Google Reader and commented on many blog posts.
  • I followed a new blog, whose author shares my passion for rasing awareness about blood clots and blood-related diseases. Check her out at Living ~ Not Just Surviving. Her title is awesome and where I hope to be at some point in my life.

Looking ahead (leave your comments below!)-

What tips do you have for increasing comments on your blogs?

Yay or no on my footer addition? Does anyone know how to make the Featured Posts plug-in display a random post and not just the newest post?

Do you have any great fitness/health/running plug-ins you can’t live without?

Until the next mile marker,

It’s a Wrap! #28DBC Days 2-7

The second week of the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick is coming to a close and this has been a very productive week on my blog! If you haven’t joined the challenge, you should! I am learning so many things and the support from the community has been wonderful. Everyone is very helpful and willing to share their advice, projects, priase and advice. Sign up today! I am really excited to share what I have accomplished-

  • Started replying to every blog post comment – I’m listening and I want my readers to know!
  • Updated my pages (Including adding run, write, remember)

  • Updated my blog header, which I am most excited about thanks to the help of Rita at Blog Genie.
New Header FEB 2013
  • Also with the help of Rita, I moved the Comments link to the bottom of the post so it is easier to find.
New Comments link
  • Updated my Facebook Page to reflect my new design and new badge.

New FB cover with page FEB 2013

  • Followed a new blog, which I suggest you also check out too: And Her Little Dog Too written by Leslie. Head on over because she is currently conducting a reader survey.

And, that is a wrap!

Are you participating in the #28DBC? If so, what is your favorite accomplishment of the week? Do you have a blog that I must see? Leave your links in the comments, and I will stop by!

Until the next mile marker,