Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 5

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Weekly Weigh-In Stats

Weight Watchers Week Number: 5

Lbs Lost this Week: + 1.4

Lbs Lost Total: – 9.8

WW Stars Earned this Week: None

Food of the Week

My favorite meal this week was surprisingly simple and comprised of a cold Calamari and Seaweed Salad and Pomegranate Arils/Hearts/Seeds I picked up at the grocery store this week. Perfectly proportioned vegetables, fruit and protein on-the-go!

Pome and calamari lunch for WW

Activity of the Week

I ran 2 miles in 33 minutes! You can read more about it here. I am feeling really good about that too, especially since today is National Running Day! Are you celebrating? If so, (I hope you are!) find out how you can win an Ironman Watch from Timex Sports by sharing your reasons for running. Use hashtag #IMARUNNER on Twitter and Instagram today or go to the contest Facebook Page to share your story there. #IMARUNNER and plan to kick off my summertime training for the Emerald City Quarter Marathon tonight!

Personal Weight Loss Goals (crossed off when reached)

I want to lose…

10 lbs
20 lbs
30 lbs
35 lbs
40 lbs
45 lbs
50 lbs
55 lbs
60 lbs
65 lbs
70 lbs

Personal Fitness Goals (crossed off when reached)

I will…

Run a 5K (Giant Eagle 5K; Columbus, Ohio; July 28, 2013)
Run a Quarter Marathon (Emerald City; Dublin, Ohio; August 25, 2013)
Run a Mud/Obstacle Race (Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run 5K; Columbus, Ohio September 14, 2013)
Run a Half Marathon
Start Biking


Since I am thirty years old, it is time to face the facts and admit that I am an emotional eater. This week was rough for me, emotionally and I have had a lot of ‘other’ things on my mind. I know I gained this week because my eating, once again, got a little out of control and I did not pay as much attention as I need to – including not keeping accurate record of my points, going over on my daily points and forgetting to drink water throughout the day. I was going to let this week’s gain ruin my day, but I am changing my attitude RIGHT NOW. It’s National Running Day and I plan to celebrate. And once again, this week is another opportunity to get back on track and make healthy habits!

Until the next mile marker,

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