Cap City Half Marathon: A Spectator’s Report

When it came down to it, weather predictions weren’t at all favorable for the Capital City Half Marathon on Saturday. In fact, there was a heat warning issued on Thursday by the race’s medical director. I had decided not to run the race due to my knee injury and missing too many long runs (insert: everything seems to happen for a reason here) and was pretty bummed about it. I watched as the time goals of the runners I knew shifted from going all out for a PR to running based on feel, heat, humidity and hydration. I can’t say I was relieved I wasn’t running, but I did feel like if I had to sit out a race, this particular day was definitely a good one.

Still, there was no way I was going to miss the race. The Lucky 13’s had trained for this day for the last five months, and I was going to be there every step of the way, even if it meant cheering from the sidelines. Which is exactly what I did.
MIT Volunteer Crew, Cap City 2012 S
The temperature was 64 and humidity was 93% at the start. The only thing that made the weather slightly bearable was the fact that it was overcast. I watched as the clouds hung over the city. A part of me wished they would just release rain (or something) to give relief to the runners below. There was not even a breeze. I was pretty miserable just standing outside. It was a tough race, a tough day and tough conditions. Anyone who ran it should be proud. It was a special race to be a part of with a record crowd of more than 13,000 people. 
Seriously, doesn’t it just look miserable?!

We camped out literally right before the finish line – between mile 12 and mile 12.5. We were on an overpass where spectator support was lacking, but a steady incline definitely was not. The Cap City course changed this year to include a new finish line, and I would say it was definitely difficult. We were armed with cow bells, signs and lots of screaming to give runners that last push to finish the race. I was screaming out names on bibs as people flew by – “You can do it, Rachel,” “You’re really almost there, Tom,” “You’re looking great, Angie!” And on it went, for nearly four hours. Several of them looked startled when I called them by name, and some even looked appreciative. 

Me & Jessica with our cow bells. 


More MIT cheering!

 Who wouldn’t pick up the pace to run away from the two of us?!

“Come run with us, we promise you’ll have a blast!”
(Thanks to the source)

I was hoarse, tired and my knee was throbbing by the time it was all over. Still, it was nothing compared to what I saw on the course, people were passing out, stumbling around and throwing up behind bushes. Medical attention was readily available (especially so close to the finish line), though, so I know the people who were suffering got attention as soon as humanly possible. I think I counted four or five people go down just within my sight. There were some moments that were a little scary, but I’ll give it to the Cap City medical team and emergency personnel for working really hard to ensure no one was seriously injured or ill that I saw.   

I am incredibly proud of the 13’s and my other running friends who ran it, especially the first-timers! NOT AN EASY RACE AT ALL!

Me, Amy & Duane. Amy earned a PR!

Me, Nita & Duane. 

Sandy and Stacy during their FIRST Half Marathon!

Wade and Shirley after their FIRST Half Marathon!

Another huge Congratulations to these Lucky ladies. Julie and Sue ran their first full marathon on Sunday at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. Love these girls – I am so proud of you both!  

Julie & Sue – MARATHONERS!

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AND….A huge shout-out to my sailing friend Elle over at Eat Run Sail. She is running her FIRST EVER Half Marathon THIS Sunday!!!! I am so excited for you, Elle, I can’t wait to see pictures of you as you cross that finish line! I have watched you grow as a runner, and I have every confidence in you that you will do this. I just know it! Best of luck to you and The Captain – have a blast!!! I’ll be cheering for you from Ohio.  
What about you? Did you race this weekend? If so, I would love to hear about i! Looking for a race? Check out this week’s Ohio Pace Per Mile Report for some awesome upcoming events. 
Until the next mile marker, 

VIPing It with Cap City

It’s the eve of the big day in Columbus, Ohio. The Capital City Half Marathon, The Patrón Quarter Marathon and the Commit to Be Fit 5k are Officially SOLD OUT at a Cap of 13,000 athletes. There is the familiar buzz of anticipation, excitement and anxiety in the air around town and in the voices of the runners I have known for months now. It’s been building all week

Race Day is finally here! In less than 24 hours, the Lucky 13’s will have crossed the finish line of another half marathon as another session of MIT comes to a close. For many, it is their first half marathon and I couldn’t be more excited about being on the course to cheer for them. They’ve worked hard for this day since December. They’ve trained for months in wind, rain, cold, a little snow and even some warmer temperatures. I couldn’t be more proud of you and the accomplishments they have made. I have watched them conquer what once may have seemed like an impossible task – they’ve run the miles, shown up before the sunrise on Saturdays and kept up training during the week, even when they were feeling discouraged, down, ill or injured.

MIT 13-Min. Pace Group Winter/Spring Session 2012

During a race week, no matter where you are, it is very common to feel anxious and wound up in anticipation of race day.  It is important to relax, though. Worry and tension create fatigue and sometimes illness. So, I have been reminding the runners in our group to take some time this week to do whatever most relaxes them. I remember being completely terrified for my first half marathon, nearly unable to function (I’m really not kidding), but looking back there was no need to stress myself out so much. I followed the same training plan as them, and I made it through – it was the single greatest accomplishment of my life thus far. I have no doubts that the 13’s will also look back on their race with fond and proud memories. Believe in yourselves, ladies and gentleman – because I surely believe in you!

Remember these three things, if nothing else:
  1. HAVE FUN – I’ve had a blast with you on Saturdays so don’t stop enjoying yourselves now!
  2. RUN YOUR OWN RACE – We’re not in it to win it. Our victories come from achieving what others may have said we couldn’t, conquering our inner fears or accomplishing something amazing.
  3. HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR TRAINING AND IN YOURSELF – You can do this. Myself and the other coaches have every confidence in you. You are prepared. You are ready. You will succeed!
All this being said – let the party begin! 😉

My co-coach and friend Judi and I hit the expo last night:

After all, who can refuse a great opportunity to SHOP for running gear?

Cool shirt commemorating the Bicentennial!
LOVE THIS! Front. 

And hang out with the best running friends ever?

Nita, Judi & Me

And I must day, Cap City does it right. The Diamond Cellar, yellow tail bubbles Sparkling Wine and New Balance provided a unique opportunity to upgrade your Capital City Half Marathon registration and get the total VIP experience! We were both grateful and ecstatic for the opportunity. I for one was not disappointed. It was so much fun.

The Total VIP Experience:

The New Balance VIP Official Cap City Jacket. Very nice – black with a sleek logo on the back.

Doesn’t Michael take lovely pictures of my back side?

Love the race shirt! It’s the city’s bicentennial. 

At the Cap City Celebration Lounge you receive the official Yellow Tail Sparkling Wine Flute with race logo that you may fill up as many times as you like during the Cap City Health & Fitness Expo. 

“Yes, Sara, Champagne does count as carb-loading!” – Judi
An invitation to the Champion Panel and VIP Reception from 6–8pm on Thursday, May 3 for the Official toast to kick off the 2012 Capital City Half Marathon.

Free race day parking.

Access to the VIP Tent with catered breakfast and lunch and private bathrooms.

Now that the day is almost here, I am sad I’m sad I have decided not to run tomorrow. With my knee injury, being sick for two weeks and just resuming physical therapy and training this week, I decided it would not be smart for me to run. I haven’t had a solid long run this season, no more than eight miles, and I just feel like I am extremely under-prepared for this race. NO MATTER HOW MUCH I WANT TO RUN, I SHOULD NOT. Please tell me I am doing the right thing. I’m pretty bummed, not running  is always hard to handle. Especially for me.

I will be on the course – start, middle and finish – tomorrow to cheer everyone on! I can’t wait. It’s the next best thing to running. 😉 Still, I will miss being out there with all of you who are running.  
Best of luck tomorrow, friends. Have fun, believe in yourself (I do!) and run your own race! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Run well, run strong, run safe and stay hydrated. Rest up. Tomorrow is going to be a great day! 🙂

Until the next mile marker,

Celebrate Week #12: Cap City Half Marathon Training Report

This week, CELEBRATE a Sparkly Soul!

Check out MY Sparkly Soul Headband that I won a couple of weeks ago from the lovely Elle at Eat Run Sail! I love them! Thanks, Elle and Sparkly Soul!! Have you tried Sparkly Soul Headbands? Do you like them? So far, I do because it has not slipped off my head, but it also is not so tight that it gives me a headache. Perfect.  
This training week was oh-so-not-good. I ran four miles. The whole week. Ouch. In more ways than one, actually. I set out for an eight mile training run with MIT on Saturday and made it not even one mile before my knee decided it wasn’t going to work anymore. It hurts every time I put pressure on it. It still hurts today and I am still shuffling around. I was hoping it would be better and that it just needed to rest.
I am trying really hard to be positive and think:

How was your training week? I am so proud of the Lucky 13’s who ran eight miles for the first time!! You guys are going to rock at Cap City! I can’t wait! 🙂
Until the next mile marker, 

Celebrate Week #11: Cap City Half Marathon Training Report

This week, Celebrate the hard run.

As hard as that may be. This weekend was brutal for our long run. Don’t let anyone fool you. With the gale force winds, it felt like 18 degrees outside. The Lucky 13’s ran into the wind on the way out and on the way back. I don’t know how the wind was blowing in both directions, but I assure you, it was. It wasn’t easy – in fact, it was downright hard – but, we did it. I appreciate the hard runs because without them, I wouldn’t know what a truly good run felt like. The hard runs make the good runs that much better. If I would have skipped out on running this Saturday (and believe me, I thought about it) I wouldn’t have run 7 miles at all and that would have made me even more miserable. Next time the sun is shining and there is no wind, I am running – like tonight!  

My Weekly Training ReCAP:

  • WED 02/22 – 3 mile training run in 44 min; 14:49 min pace per mile.
  • SAT 02/25 – 7 mile MIT training run in 1 hr 44 min; 13:29 min pace per mile. 

How was your training week? Was it windy where you were? Do you mind running in less than ideal conditions or do you embrace it?

Until the next mile marker, 

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Celebrate Week #8: Cap City Half Marathon Training Report

This week, Celebrate Giveaways! 
Wrist Saver

Manna Bread
I have been really lucky lately, which is totally unlike me! First, I snagged the Personal Savers Wrist Saver from I Run … Because I Can. I haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but I am super excited about it! I previously carried pepper spray on my fuel belt, but it constantly bounced out of the holder and I wouldn’t discover it was lost until who knows when. I tried on the Wrist Saver and it is very comfortable and features an LED light and ID tag too. Love it. I was also fortunate enough to win the Manna Organics Bread Giveaway from Women’s Endurance Gear. I was hesitant at first about how the bread would taste, but I had always wanted to try sprouted bread. Also, I was worried because I don’t eat bread very fast, but when I found you can freeze it, I was in! I selected the Banana Walnut Hemp, Millet Rice, Multigrain, and Sunseed. I have tried the Banana Walnut Hemp and Sunseed. Absolutely. Delicious. I don’t want store-bough bread anymore! It costs $15.40 to build your own box of four varieties, and I think this is where I will get my bread from now on!
My training week was okay. Unfortunately, this was one of those weeks when my non-running life completely overshadowed my running life. I didn’t get as many runs in as I would have liked and it was beautiful and mild here! I am so excited that my Lucky 13’s ran six miles on Saturday – a first for many! They have come a long way in such a short amount of time.
My Weekly Training ReCAP:

  • WED 02/01 – 2 mile training run in 29 min; 14:38 min pace per mile.
  • SAT 02/04 – 6 mile MIT training run in 1:26; 14:11 min pace per mile. 

Total Miles Logged in January 2012: 47

Until the next mile marker,

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