An annoucement, an anniversary (a birthday) and a WINNER!

Remember the movie MY RUN narrated by academy award winner Billy Bob Thornton? It premiered in March and was screened in 500 theaters across the nation. I loved this film. Every second of it. I found it motivational, inspirational, and amazing. Terry Hitchcock reminds us of the obstacles we face every day – the marathons of life – and that we can overcome them with determination, self-confidence, belief in the extraordinary, and the will to succeed. Plus, Terry ran 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days. Simply amazing! I can only dream of running that far and for that long. Check out my full review if you haven’t already.
Did you miss this film in theaters? Get ready because Virgil Films and Entertainment announced it is coming to DVD on September 20, 2011!

A portion of DVD sales will go to programs that provide direct service to those affected by cancer through the Livestrong Foundation. ‘Be Somebody’s Hero’ today and pre-order your copy. Don’t forget to look for my name in the credits – I will be!
You can find more information and follow updates from MY RUN on Twitter and Facebook.  
Today is not only my birthday, but the anniversary of my first marathon ever! I have run four more since then and a marathon. I ran it with my friend Chrissy and the help of the MIT training program. I could not have done it without either one.  It was only two years ago:
Chrissy & Me finishing the Spirit of Columbus Half.
To this day, it has been the greatest experience and accomplishment of my adult life. I have not been the same person since I trained for and ran that race. 
It goes without saying, that I miss my mother more than anything today. She always made birthdays special for us. Thank each and every one of you – and Dad, Michael and Mollie – for making my day as special as it could be. You guys remind me everyday that I am not alone, even when it feels like it.
Dad, Michael, Me, Mollie & Mom on my birthday last year. (I never thought it would be our last as a family)
What better thing to do on my birthday than announce the CEP Compression Running Shorts giveaway winner?
Thank you to everyone who entered – I wish I could give you all shorts! I was thrilled with the number of entries and more importantly, the votes I received for Team Refuel. Thank you so much for supporting me! And, don’t forget, you can VOTE once a day for me until September 15th.
And the winner is, per the random number generator is…
Comment #88 (numbered from the first comment posted from 1 to 113) belongs to Laurieb27 from I Can Walk As Fast As You Can Run (which she really can, I’ve witnessed it!). 
Congratulations, Laurie! Please contact me to claim your prize and thank you for your votes!
Until the next mile marker, 

CEP Compression: [So Excited] My Review & GIVEAWAY!

I think I am in love with CEP Compression Socks…..

CEP Compression – The Intelligent Sportswear
I know, I know, call me behind on the times. I have been running for a few years now, but have not tried any compression wear until now. I’ve thought about –even dreamed about it – but just haven’t been able to afford it, honestly. So, when CEP Compression contacted me and asked if I would be interesting in reviewing their products – I literally squealed with excitement!
CEP sent me a pair of Running Compression Socks and I got to choose the color so, of course, I chose pink! After all, all the cool kids are doing it. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and I opened the box immediately. My first thought? H-O-T. I was hoping to try them out on Saturday for my long run, but wasn’t sure how I felt about wearing “knee socks” in 80+ degree heat. My second thought? S-M-A-L-L. They were sized according to the circumference of my calf, which is how I ordered them, but I was skeptical.
Nevertheless, I was still excited to give them a try and when Saturday morning rolled around, I jumped out of bed to get for a group run with MIT. Note to self: DO NOT try to put Compression anything on for the first time when you are running late. It doesn’t work very well. Second note to self: Read the directions before getting frustrated and running out the door barefoot! Whew. It was a chore, but once I got the socks on properly, I was ready to go.
Why yes, this picture does make my thighs look huge and they are one of the smaller parts of me. And yes, those are a shiny new pair of New Balance Minimus shoes.    
Rockin’ the CEP Pink!

I ran just about nine miles in my compression socks on Saturday. And it was awesome. Did I mention these socks make me feel like a professional I know what I am doing I am doing?

I LOVED them, and I really don’t want to go back to wearing normal socks on my long any runs.
What I love:
  • They are breathable and manage moisture well – my feet and legs were actually among the cooler parts of my body on Saturday.
  • The socks are made from 85% polyamid and 15% spandex and are extremely lightweight. I did not feel like I was wearing knee socks.
  • The feeling of being, well, compressed – it’s almost like I can feel my muscles absorbing oxygen-rich blood and using the nutrients to their full potential. My legs actually felt great on Saturday – it is my endurance that is suffering a little bit.  
  • My legs felt less sore on Sunday (this was the longest distance I have run in several weeks), and I felt completely recovered from my workout in no time. Can I just wear these socks all of the time?
  • I think they may have actually helped me knee remain stable without prohibiting the movement of the muscles (which is the only way my knee will get stronger). While I had some knee pain for the first few miles on Saturday, I experienced NO KNEE PAIN on Sunday. Not even while going up/down the stairs!
  • They look awesome!   

What I don’t love as much:

  • The price. They are $59.95 online and while that price impacts my budget, it is worth it for how well I felt. According to CEP, they last about 6 months if taken care of properly (gentle cycle on the washer, cold water, sport wash and line dry). I would totally reinvest in a pair!
So, what makes CEP Compression different from other compression products? According to CEP, their compression products are medically tuned for maximum performance. By measuring the calf circumference to ensure proper fit, CEP also ensures proper compression, allowing for effective blood flow. The compression on the calf is lower to effectively target the arteries and allow proper blood flow back to the heart and the compression at the ankle penetrates deep veins to push blood back to the heart. Plus, CEP Compression Socks are anatomically correct to perfectly fit your left and right foot – made a big difference for me! 
Other compression socks just aren’t designed this way, allowing blood to pool at the ankles and not make it back to the heart as effectively. For more information about the technology behind CEP Compression, I found the website very interesting.
And there are still more benefits to wearing compression gear:
  • Improved blood circulation and overall leg health.
  • Reduce vibration (thus, shin splints) to increase oxygen and promote healing. 
  • Increases oxygento optimize muscles and remove lactic acid.
  • Increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscles. 

CEP Compression kindly sent me a pair of Women’s Running Compression Shorts to giveaway to one lucky follower!
They are black and a SIZE III.

Please see additional sizing information HERE.

Want these beauties to be YOUR’S?

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Until the next mile maker,
Please note: CEP provided me with these products to try and giveaway in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other manner and the content of this review is purely my own opinion.