Ohio’s Pace Per Mile Report for Week of April 02, 2012

You can also listen to my report on Pace Per Mile, the 1st Place for Endurance Radio HERE.

This is Sara from wordstorunby.com reporting on the Ohio race scene for Pace Per Mile Radio. As you know, our host Chris Nicholas is currently running across the United States from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Chris is running by himself and unsupported with a jogging stroller to carry his gear along route 50. He averages about 30 miles a day. Chris has already been through Athens and is now making his way across the Southern portion of our state. To follow Chris’ journey and to make a donation help children and families in your community visit www.runandfinish.com.

From now until June 24, 2XU USA Compression is helping Chris raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network! They are offering 20% off all Compression Products when you make a purchase. 10% of the proceeds from the purchases will be donated back to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at the end of Chris’ journey! The Promo Code is: RUNFIT12. Shop today at www.2xuusa.com/.

Looking ahead to April 21 is the Run to the Beach Half Marathon, 5K and Relays in Akron. The course is run around Portage Lakes State Park and in the Cities of Green and New Franklin. It winds around many of the Portage Lakes and Reservoir, with a large portion of the course on the waterfront. This is an Ohio Challenge Series event. The race is run primarily on roads with some flat beautiful waterfront views and ends on the beach at Portage Lakes State Park. Pre-registrants receive men’s or women’s technical t-shirts. Commemorative medals will be provided to all finishing half marathoners and relayers. There is also a great big goodie bag. Proceeds benefit the Portage Lakes Fireworks, the largest privately funded fireworks in Ohio. The race begins at 9:00 a.m. Please register by Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 4:59 PM. The cost is $60 for the half marathon, $20 for the 5k, and $130 for the relay. Visit www.portagelakes.com/ for details and to register.

Until next time, you can find me at wordstorunby.com. Drop in to say hello, share your racing stories or offer feedback. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for listening to Pace Per Mile Radio and see you at the next mile marker.

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One Man’s Reason to Run (A Journey of 3,000 Miles)

For those of you that know me, you know that I am constantly amazed by people who run – people who chase their dreams and achieve the impossible. I am amazed by the running community and how supportive, encouraging, helpful and accepting it is. For the first time in nearly all of my adult life, I feel like I belong somewhere. I feel like I am part of something that matters 

I am amazed also, by the blogging community – particularly when it comes to running and endurance sports – and how honest, open, intriguing and positive it can be. I know the vast majority of you feel the same. I don’t think I have ever encountered a negative word on my blog – constructive criticism or advice, maybe – but negativity? Never.

I am also amazed at the opportunities I have received through running. After all, being a part of MIT and Fleet Feet Sports here in Columbus has led to some pretty amazing things. I have met Bart Yasso, KathrineSwitzer, Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. I have access to coaches, athletes, and knowledgeable medical staff through a training program that is unlike any other in the country. And, I have made friends that have stood by me no matter what.

The opportunities I have been granted thorough blogging and social media are no less amazing. I have met some wonderful people who are encouraging, helpful and kind. Some are here, some are not; but they all play a role. In November of last year, I became a State Reporter for Pace Per Mile Radio and more recently, a FitFluential Ambassador. Not to mention, the contacts I have made with various race directors, companies, film directors and influential runners.

Still, nothing quite amazes me like the runner. Plain and simple. A runner who takes on the impossible challenge? I can’t fathom it. I couldn’t fathom how Terry Hitchcock ran across the country. Or how Bart Yasso ran Badwater. Or how Kathrine Switzer ran Boston when females weren’t even allowed to run.

In fact, less than 300 individuals have ever completed a cross country run. I can’t even imagine attempting it.

Yet, in less than two days, one man will cross the United States from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles with nothing but his gear in a running jogger and the stories of those he will meet along the 73 day, 3,000 mile journey. This man is not trying to go particularly fast, but he is going. He set a goal and he is sticking to it. Not only that, he has a goal to raise $5,000 for sick or injured children through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. One hundred percent of funds that are donated will go to help thousands of children across the country that he is running. The funds he raises will go to help children and their families who have lost all hope, feel forgotten or don’t know where else to turn to seek they help they so desperately need. 


The man is Chris Nicholas. And I probably wouldn’t know a thing about him or the journey he is about to embark on if I never responded to a Twitter message from Pace Per Mile Radio about reporting for Ohio. Actually, I almost deleted it. Who ever heard of endurance radio? Certainly not me. And did people listen to it? Who knew? Certainly not me. With over 400, 000 listeners, now I know better.  

True, I have not known Chris very long, but what I do know is that he is taking on something extraordinary and I am nothing short of amazed. I know that Chris is kind, caring, humble and passionate about running and motivating others to feel that same passion. He is passionate about Pace Per Mile and spreading the word about endurance events no matter where you live or what you do for a living. We can all do what we once thought was impossible. All it takes is the will to do it, a pair of shoes a bike or track.

And yet, no matter how individually driven and motivated we are, we all rely on the running community and comrade we all feel from time to time. This is exactly why Chris still needs our support. We thrive off each other’s energy, positivity and power to believe. We search for familiar faces on the sidelines of the race course; listen for an excited cheer from the crowd; read an encouraging text at mile 18 of a training run; or get a call from a friend to ask how the trip went.

Chris is running physically alone out there. Just him. For thirty-five to forty miles a day. I struggle to run four miles by myself all the time. He’s carrying his gear with him in a jogging stroller, Gatorade on his back and switching out shoes at pre-arranged drop-off points. The people he meets and the places he sees will no doubt help to carry him through when it gets challenging. He’s seeing the country first-hand. He’s speaking to sixty or more school groups about his journey and handing out cards along the way so people can donate to Children’s Miracle Network. A warm bed and a hot meal will make all the difference in the world after a day of pure physical exertion; and all of his accommodations (hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and host families) have been provided at no cost to him.

If you can help, please consider donating as little as $1, $5, $10 or more dollars to help Chris meet his $5,000 fundraising goal to help children across the nation. And, of course, if you aren’t able to help monetarily, please tune in to Pace Per Mile on a regular basis starting March 25. Chris will be reporting from the road. Also, check out his Facebook Page where you can offer words of encouragement and well wishes.

From one runner to the next, thank you. 

Until the next mile marker,