Not Just Vitamins: My Swanson Health Products Review

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You might remember this post – when I left the store in tears after having spent $96 on vitamins and not a single gluten-free grocery item. I wish I had known about Swanson Health Products then!

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This after finding myself in the fiery pits of Hell over eliminating nearly everything I normally eat out of my diet.


Thank goodness the Whole 30 has brought some clarity to the whole catastrophe.

More good foods, less vitamins and less time spent worrying on what I need to take (yes, I literally spent a day and a half crying over this) because I am finally eating what I need to eat.

I never thought much about vitamins, whole foods, ghee, coconut oil, seed and nut butters and all of the other health-foody things you can purchase until I started paying more attention to what I was putting on my own plate. Then it was all of a sudden, “Where do I find that and what does it look like?!”

Do you ever wish there was one place you could go to find all of the healthy things you are looking for? There is!

It is called Swanson Health Products. And I don’t know Categories listwhy I ever waited to long to find out it existed. I seriously love this website. You can find everything you need there. Just take a look at their category list. You can also find products pertaining to special lifestyles including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and more. They have makeup, pet care products/nutrition, coconut oil/butter, personal care items, vitamins, supplements and so much more. Swanson’s sells familiar name brands, plus their own items too.

I was given the opportunity to select a couple of products to try, compliments of Swanson and I do plan to return to the website to try out some other products too. Like the Clear Lip Gloss Coconut Cream for just $2.99, which is cheaper than the retail price as a lot of the products are. 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing.

Product #1: Swanson Organic 100% Pure Original SunButter (Sunflower Butter)
Sun butter

Swanson Health Products Sun Butter

This is a product of the USA and fits in perfectly with my Whole 30 Plan as a special treat. It is made from nuts and not legumes (like peanut butter), which is recommended that you eliminate. I love this nut butter and even more, I love feeling good about what I am putting in my body! It is all natural and organic and has one ingredient: Organic sunflower seeds, fresh roasted. For $6.99 for a 16 oz. jar, you can’t beat that. I do keep it in the refrigerator per the instructions. It is rich, nutty and smooth. I have eaten it several ways, but like it best on celery spears. With all of the food products, you can find detailed nutritional/label information, which I have found to be invaluable when I am shopping online.

Product #2: Lotus Brands Soft Natural Lipgloss in Nude


It is a little expensive at just under $12, but cheaper than the  nearly $17 retail sale. I picked this gloss because it is Beauty Without Cruelty made with natural and pure seed and wax extract. It is vegan and cruelty free. I had not tried a product like this before, but would like to become more mindful of where my beauty, makeup and lip products come from. I was not used to this gloss when I first got it because it is a little stickier than I like and does not smell like anything, but I am glad to know it is probably because there is nothing bad for me in it! I absolutely love the color, it is very sheer and provides a subtle shine and stays on for a great amount of time.

The ordering process through Swanson was very easy and I received the products neatly packaged within the week. I was impressed with the customer service, promptness of my order and especially the vast amount of products (it’s not just vitamins!) available for inexpensive costs. I highly recommend you give them a try and order a product you might not normally purchase.

Be sure to connect with Swanson through Facebook and Twitter. They often have contests and giveaways!

Many thanks to Swanson for providing me with products of my choice to review on my blog!

Until the next mile marker,