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It’s been awhile since I have posted, I know. Life gets in the way, posting becomes infrequent and finding a time to write becomes more and more difficult and farther down on the list of things To Do. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say and it’s not that nothing has been going on.  In fact, it’s times like this I wish I was better organized and had my content planned out better, but I also believe there is something to be said for writing from the heart and that is what this is. Here’s more on me – writing, remembering and [not really] running.

…On Writing

You won’t know it just by looking, but Words to Run By got a makeover thanks to Ryan and his team over at WP Site Care (check them out, they are rolling out some new features right now). If you are new to blogging or have no idea how to start using (or no idea how to use) WordPress, Ryan can help you. Words to Run By is now hosted at SiteGround, and I have high hopes that this is a beneficial and hopefully long-lasting transition to a permanent home for this site’s needs. Previously, I was hosted with Dreamhost since I made the move to self-hosted WordPress (best move ever by the way!) about two years ago; and while Dreamhost was great for a beginning blog and offered phenomenal pricing, I was really feeling like they could no longer meet the demands of my websites without a steadily rising cost. I also noticed the customer service started to diminish over the last several months (as my problems seemed to increase). Dreamhost was a great place for me to start, but I needed to move on as my site has continued to grow. Lesson learned? Do your hosting research ahead of time. While Ryan and the team at WP Site Care moved my website and ensured a solid hosting foundation over at SiteGround with no hassle to me, it does cost money to have your website(s) moved and it was not without a whole lot of worrying (okay, I might have panicked a time or two, sorry, Ryan) for me.

With SiteGround, I hope to deliver more up-time, faster page loading times and a friendlier user experience all-around. Behind the scenes I am looking forward to 24/7 live technical support if I need it, increased site speed and especially enhanced site security. I am to get back to the business of blogging without having to worry about my hosting provider anymore.

…On Remembering

April 21 marked the third year since my mother passed away. On one hand, I can’t believe it has only been that long since I saw her, talked to her, hugged her or ran with her. On the other hand, it seems like an entire lifetime since I saw her, talked to her, hugged her or ran with her.

Losing my mom does not get any easier. It just gets different. The pain I feel today is not the same pain as I felt the day it happened, the weeks or months since that day or even the anniversary of her passing last year. There have been so many times I have wanted to talk to her, to ask her something or tell her something. I’ve missed her advice, her shoulder to cry on and her undeniable support of me and my endeavors. While I don’t pick up the phone to call her anymore and her face is no longer in my phone, I think of her in different ways or at different times. When I am shopping and see something she would like or when the sun is shining and I know she would be out enjoying the weather, the first in our family to wear shorts in the spring.  I think of her when I eat strawberries because she loved them, when I write a new post because she was the first to read it and when I cry because she never told me not to.

My heart will never be the same and I’ve come to realize, maybe it isn’t supposed to be. I just hope I can convey the love she had for me through the love I have to share with others and in that way, a piece of her love will always live on.

…On [Not really] Running

I can’t remember the last time I ran. The need that I used to feel to run, just isn’t there since the blood clot nearly two years ago. That brings great concern for me as the writer of a blog called Words to Run By. I love blogging, I love writing, and I used to love running just as much, but it’s been hard for me to feel that love again. Running is tied to things that make me very sad – losing my mother, nearly losing my own life and having my self-confidence shattered to the core as it has never been in the past. It is harder and harder for me to remember the positive memories and things that running has brought to me life. It is strange to me the things I associate with running and the things that I don’t. Right now the negative associations far outweigh the positive and that is something that I hope will only take time to work through.

On a more positive note, I can see through it. I can see myself getting past the pain I feel when it comes to lacing up my shoes, but I don’t know how to do that just yet. For starters, I am getting out and walking with my dogs and my husband at least twice a week. Compared to training, this feels like nothing, but I can’t discount that. I’ve fought too hard to even get to where I am today. The truth is? I am walking when I can. I am trying to be smarter about what I eat. I am conscious of the changes I need to make to ensure a healthy lifestyle (if the weight comes off, then it does; but it is no longer my sole motivator for diet and exercise). Sometimes I think the universe had a grand design to encourage me to take a break from running and maybe this is all part of that break. Only time will tell. I know there is a future for me in running again and I am hoping in time I will see it. Until that time, I’m hanging on and don’t have any plans to pack up and move out of blogland.

Tell me about you. What have you been up to for the last few weeks? Have you written a fantastic post I need to read? Have you celebrated a life event or the memory of one? Have you run a race or are you preparing for a race? Do you get in a blogging rut or run out of time to post? Tell me in the comments!

Until the next mile marker,

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It’s a Wrap! #28DBC Days 16-27

Last week concluded the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick. It was a busy month for my blog:

If you don’t know from participating, this challenge was completely free, and I learned so much. Thank you to Katy and everyone who joined in to share knowledge, advice and feedback. I will definitely participate in another blog challenge – which I hope to see (hint, hint)! 🙂 If you weren’t a part of this #28DBC, make sure you get in on the next one.

On the first day, I set some goals for my blog during this challenge and got many of them accomplished:

  • Add an ‘About Me’ box to my sidebar Finally!
  • Update my header Love my new header!
  • Organize my Google Reader (or alternative)
  • Comment more regularly on blogs I follow (and discover some new blogs) I discovered several new blogs thanks to this challenge.
  • Fix the comment link on my blog to make it easier to find It’s now at the bottom.
  • Make it easier to pin images from my site to Pinterest

Plus, some exciting additional changes:

  • I updated my Remember page
  • Had my blog header re-designed by Rita at Blog Genie (love her!) and also changed the columns on my blog
  • Published my blog to Kindle
  • Updated my Facebook Page and cover photo
  • Started replying to every comment left on my blog
  • Transferred my domain name and email to DreamHost (love them!) so all of my blog services are now in one place


  • I am staying up to date with blogs I follow by commenting on a more regular basis

My favorite change? My new header!

I am still struggling with my Google Reader (I don’t really like it and I think it is overwhelming to manage). What do you use?

I am still looking for a Pin-It Plug-In that allows readers to easily pin images to Pinterest. The ones I tried seem to not work on my blog. Have you found one you like and wouldn’t mind sharing?

Did you participate in the #28DBC? What did you learn?

Until the next mile marker,

It’s a Wrap! #28DBC Days 15-21

It’s the second to last week of the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick. I have enjoyed this challenge so much and have been learning a lot:

This week was a little more stressful for me because I did some work with my blog domain that was not only difficult, but I spent about 24 hours worried I would somehow delete my blog. I did manage to cause the site to go down for a little while, but Dreamhost was able to fix it in no time, which makes me even happier I moved all of my business to them. Here’s what I accomplished this week:

  • I moved my domain and email to DreamHost so now all of my services are handled there, including hosting. I love DreamHost!
  • I published by blog to Kindle! I’m pretty excited about that, and I am hoping to expand my reader base, including gaining new readers who are searching for specific things to read in the Kindle store.

  • I’m still replying to all comments left on my blog and staying caught up on subscriptions I follow in Google Reader.
  • I started following two new blogs this week, both are very inspirational (so visit them too!): Ann’s Running Commentary and Beyond Limits Magazine.

Have any of you published your blogs to Kindle? Has it brought in new readers for you?

What have you learned from the #28DBC? Share any blogging tips you have in the comments below!

Until the next mile marker,