CEP Compression: [So Excited] My Review & GIVEAWAY!

I think I am in love with CEP Compression Socks…..

CEP Compression – The Intelligent Sportswear
I know, I know, call me behind on the times. I have been running for a few years now, but have not tried any compression wear until now. I’ve thought about –even dreamed about it – but just haven’t been able to afford it, honestly. So, when CEP Compression contacted me and asked if I would be interesting in reviewing their products – I literally squealed with excitement!
CEP sent me a pair of Running Compression Socks and I got to choose the color so, of course, I chose pink! After all, all the cool kids are doing it. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive and I opened the box immediately. My first thought? H-O-T. I was hoping to try them out on Saturday for my long run, but wasn’t sure how I felt about wearing “knee socks” in 80+ degree heat. My second thought? S-M-A-L-L. They were sized according to the circumference of my calf, which is how I ordered them, but I was skeptical.
Nevertheless, I was still excited to give them a try and when Saturday morning rolled around, I jumped out of bed to get for a group run with MIT. Note to self: DO NOT try to put Compression anything on for the first time when you are running late. It doesn’t work very well. Second note to self: Read the directions before getting frustrated and running out the door barefoot! Whew. It was a chore, but once I got the socks on properly, I was ready to go.
Why yes, this picture does make my thighs look huge and they are one of the smaller parts of me. And yes, those are a shiny new pair of New Balance Minimus shoes.    
Rockin’ the CEP Pink!

I ran just about nine miles in my compression socks on Saturday. And it was awesome. Did I mention these socks make me feel like a professional I know what I am doing I am doing?

I LOVED them, and I really don’t want to go back to wearing normal socks on my long any runs.
What I love:
  • They are breathable and manage moisture well – my feet and legs were actually among the cooler parts of my body on Saturday.
  • The socks are made from 85% polyamid and 15% spandex and are extremely lightweight. I did not feel like I was wearing knee socks.
  • The feeling of being, well, compressed – it’s almost like I can feel my muscles absorbing oxygen-rich blood and using the nutrients to their full potential. My legs actually felt great on Saturday – it is my endurance that is suffering a little bit.  
  • My legs felt less sore on Sunday (this was the longest distance I have run in several weeks), and I felt completely recovered from my workout in no time. Can I just wear these socks all of the time?
  • I think they may have actually helped me knee remain stable without prohibiting the movement of the muscles (which is the only way my knee will get stronger). While I had some knee pain for the first few miles on Saturday, I experienced NO KNEE PAIN on Sunday. Not even while going up/down the stairs!
  • They look awesome!   

What I don’t love as much:

  • The price. They are $59.95 online and while that price impacts my budget, it is worth it for how well I felt. According to CEP, they last about 6 months if taken care of properly (gentle cycle on the washer, cold water, sport wash and line dry). I would totally reinvest in a pair!
So, what makes CEP Compression different from other compression products? According to CEP, their compression products are medically tuned for maximum performance. By measuring the calf circumference to ensure proper fit, CEP also ensures proper compression, allowing for effective blood flow. The compression on the calf is lower to effectively target the arteries and allow proper blood flow back to the heart and the compression at the ankle penetrates deep veins to push blood back to the heart. Plus, CEP Compression Socks are anatomically correct to perfectly fit your left and right foot – made a big difference for me! 
Other compression socks just aren’t designed this way, allowing blood to pool at the ankles and not make it back to the heart as effectively. For more information about the technology behind CEP Compression, I found the website very interesting.
And there are still more benefits to wearing compression gear:
  • Improved blood circulation and overall leg health.
  • Reduce vibration (thus, shin splints) to increase oxygen and promote healing. 
  • Increases oxygento optimize muscles and remove lactic acid.
  • Increases blood flow to increase warmth in the muscles. 

CEP Compression kindly sent me a pair of Women’s Running Compression Shorts to giveaway to one lucky follower!
They are black and a SIZE III.

Please see additional sizing information HERE.

Want these beauties to be YOUR’S?

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Until the next mile maker,
Please note: CEP provided me with these products to try and giveaway in exchange for my review.  I was not compensated in any other manner and the content of this review is purely my own opinion.

$100 Training Giveaway for 100 Followers!

First and foremost – this post is for YOU followers! 
When I started this blog, I didn’t honestly expect to find so much love, support, friendship and knowledge in an online community. My bog is what it is today in part because of YOU! So, as promised, a $100 Giveaway for 100 (plus!) followers!
As you may or may not know, strength training is crucial to the success of endurance athletes, including runners. At first, I was not sold on the idea myself – I was already busting my butt to run, how could I possibly add on more work?! – but now, I understand that hitting the gym to lift some weights a few days a week is one of the most beneficial things I can do as a runner. Yes, ladies, even we need to ‘pump the iron’ regularly!
The benefits of strength training for runners are astounding – in fact, I was fortunate enough to attend an MIT seminar on it just last night!
Me and the Lucky 13’s after the seminar!
Strength training can improve body composition by helping you maintain or increase your lean body mass and can decrease your percentage of body fat, helping you look leaner and burn additional calories. Benefits of strength training for runners:
  • You’ll Be Leaner: Muscle burns more calories than fat. Fat burns almost nothing at rest, whereas muscle uses oxygen so if you increase lean muscle mass, you’ll increase the body’s ability to use oxygen and burn more calories. Your body typically uses about 4.5 to seven calories per pound of muscle every day.
  • You’ll Be More Efficient: Strength training can help you run faster, longer, and more efficiently. A study published last year in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that runners who add three days of resistance training exercises to their weekly program increase their leg strength and enhance their endurance. Runners with better endurance can run longer—and burn more calories. You’ll also be able to recover faster from long runs because strength training makes your body more efficient at converting metabolic waste into energy.
  • You’ll Be Less Injury-Prone: If you increase your strength, you’ll also increase your joint stability, reducing your risk of repetitive stress injuries. Incorporating moves such as squats, single-leg hops, and ab work into a workout can not only prevent lower-body injuries, but improve performance as well. Leg exercises are particularly important when it comes to reducing injury: These exercises strengthen muscles around the knees and hips two areas that often cause problems for runners.
I also know that there seem to be a thousand things stacked against us when we are looking for a strength training program. 
  • It’s too expensive to hire a personal trainer or join a gym. 
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day to train with an intensive running (and sometimes swimming and biking too!) schedule. 
  • The gym closes too early and doesn’t open early enough. It can be daunting to try to figure out your own strength training workout. 
  • We ladies don’t want to get ‘big’. 
  • It’s too intimidating to lift weights around others. 
And the list goes on and on. For me, it boiled down to expense and time. It was too much and there was not enough!
As an expression of my gratitude to those of you that have joined me on this journey as followers, I would like to help you get started on a strength training program that works for you. It’s personalized, you can do it anywhere, and best of all (since I’m giving it away) – it’s FREE! So, what are you waiting for?! You’ve really got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. Here are the details:
My friend and trainer (not-to-mention the nicest person you will ever meet), Rebecca Black, has graciously agreed to partner with me to offer one lucky follower a chance to win ONE FREE MONTH (that’s a $100 value!) of Strong Body by Rebecca Cyber Training!
What You Get:

The Strong Body By Rebecca Monthly Cyber Training Program consists of the following:

Rebecca Black
  • Initial Food Guide and Grocery list
  • Portion Sizes for each meal – this leaves flexibility for people to pick your own meals from the food in the guide instead of being tied to meals you won’t like
  • Resources on Healthy Eating
  • Monthly List of Rebecca’s Favorite things (newsletter)
  • Assistance with picking meals at restaurants
  • Initial Assessment Questionnaire – including weight, measurements, goals, and pictures
  • Month of workouts
  • Interval training and cardiovascular training ideas
  • Specialty ab and butt workouts
  • Functional workouts to do in parks, pools and even airports!
  • Weekly check-in with Rebecca via email on Sundays – includes questionnaire, updated measurements, weight and pictures
  • One 15-minute Skype session with Rebecca at the beginning or end of each month (your choice)
  • Encouragement and Support via email, Facebook and Twitter
What You Do:
Mandatory (One Entry each – that’s 2 entries!):
  • You must be a follower of this blog, of course! Let me know in a comment that you already are or become one (it’s not too late to get in on the fun)!
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Please note, the contest runs from July 15th through July 22. I will announce a winner on Saturday, July 23 and get you linked with Rebecca right away to begin your free month of cyber training in August!

Still want more? Check out these blogs for inspiration, motivation and thoughts from ladies that are currently working Rebecca’s program. Way to go, girls!

That’s it, folks! Good luck to each and everyone of YOU – I can’t wait to pick a winner! 

Until the next mile marker,

No $$, No Problem – Be Safe for FREE!!

It is safe to say I have always been a little paranoid – especially when it comes to my health and being safe. I used to be unable to learn about unheard of diseases because that meant I would surely contract them. I’ve gotten over that – a little bit.
Even to this day, though, I do take my health and safety seriously. Since I started getting healthy, working out and running, I have become more in-tune to my body than I ever was before. However, I always think about how my awareness would not help me if I was running alone and something bad happened. Whether I am in an accident or passed out, how would someone know how to help me once they found me? How would they know who to call if I couldn’t speak?
I have looked at Road ID’s time and time again, but have not purchased one because (a) I don’t have a lot of spare cash and also because (b) I do not want to wear another thing on my person. I already wear my Garmin and sometimes that alone irritates me when I have been running for a while.
Still, since my mother’s passing, I can’t help but wonder what would happen to me if I were found down and unconscious during a run. My mother, fortunately, was very near to her car (with her car keys) and the first responders we able to find her cell phone which had In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts in it. That is how the police were able to get in touch with me before she was even taken to the hospital. I am confident that everything was done that day to save her life, yet I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she had been 3 or more miles away from her car. I may not feel the same way about her receiving help “in time.” And then there’s me – there is no way to identify me.
So, one day I came across an internet ad for FinishSafe – a free service that allows medical personnel to access your medical information and contacts information from anywhere if you are involved in a medical emergency or accident. In addition, the FinishTags were also on special – free! I signed right up. It was simple to fill out my medical profile – it took about five minutes and FinishSafe and I was issued a LifePin number to keep my information safe and secure from any non-medial-emergency-personnel eyes. I can even update my profile online at any time without having to order new tags – big bonus for me! They came in the mail yesterday:     

They were all connected to one card and had instructions for how to secure them as well.

What you get from FinishSafe:

Seven FinishTags in all!
  • Wallet card
  • Bike Tag
  • Key Tag
  • 2 Shoe Tags
  • 2 Pack/Luggage Tags (different styles)
What you save:
  • Money – Because you’re all my friends, they’re free for you through June 30! After you order your FinishTags, check out using the code FAMILY17 and FinishTag will waive all of the charges. That’s an $11.99 value. Who doesn’t like to be safe and save a little cash while doing it?
  • Worry – Hopefully, FinishTags can give you peace of mind if you ever have an accident or emergency, especially if you are running alone or even with others who do not know your personal medical information. The tags also provide complete instructions for accessing your medical information anytime, day or night.
  • Time – In an emergency, we all know time is crucial. The FinishTag automatically links your medical information to the medics who need it through a unique LifePin number. You’ll be prompted to enter such information as your current medications, any allergies you have, the medical conditions you’re being treated for, and other helpful information that will allow medics to diagnose and treat you quickly and accurately. If you are ever involved in an accident or medical emergency, responders will be able to instantly access your critical information four different ways depending on what is most convenient for the medic: by telephone, smartphone app, online, or using an automatic text-back system.

What I am most excited about:

The Wallet Card:
  • It fits perfectly in my wallet – not that my wallet is super-small or anything. It has complete instructions for accessing my LifePin info, a picture ID to aid in identification and contact info for FinishSafe so maybe if I lose my wallet, someone can return it to me! If medics ever need to look in your wallet, they’ll be sure to see this bold red and white card. It includes a (optional) photo of you to aid in identification. Mine had a picture of me from the Finish Line in Pittsburgh.

The Key Card:

  • I already turn my keys in every Saturday for my MIT workout. If my keys are left at the end of the workout, my MIT card will identify them as mine and the other coaches can find me and see that I am okay. If I am not, I now have the FinishTag with my medical information too! I take my keys a lot of places that I don’t take my wallet so the Key Tag will be with me frequently. Also, it does not have a picture ID and says Mrs. and my last name for privacy purposes.

The Shoe Tag:
  • The tag is extremely light weight and laces easily into any pair of shoes. I like it because it will be with me no matter what running outfit I am wearing – I always wear my shoes. Plus, I do not have to wear another thing on my person because it attaches to my shoes. There are two shoe tags if you rotate your shoes.

I hope if you don’t already have a RoadID or LifePin that you think about signing up for FinishSafe. It could really help you out someday in an emergency – even though I hope it doesn’t happen to anyone. Go to FinishSafe and order yours today! You’ve really got nothing to lose! 🙂

Until the next mile marker,


Strong Body by Rebecca Runs: Calling all bloggers wanting to lose weight for free!!

Please welcome my friend and trainer, Rebecca Black of Strong Body by Rebecca. Check out this amazing offer she has for you, fellow bloggers!

Welcome to my newest plan to dominate the world… LOL

Just Kidding.

Anyway, I am really looking to promote my Strong Body Cyber Training program because it really works and I want to get the word out about this amazing program. I truly believe the reason it works is because of the accountability factor.

So, how do you apply…?

First – email me with the following information –

1. Your name and blog
2. Your weight loss story (everyone has one)
3. Your weight loss goals
4. Why you are a good fit for this program
5. I need your monthly stats and # of followers
6. Why I should pick you

I’m leaving this competition open for the next 7 days (deadline is 6/15/11) and will pick someone based on the information provided from these 6 questions the weekend of June 18. Obviously, there will be some blogging about my program and before/after pictures etc in exchange for the services.

Serious inquiries only please!!!

Email me – Strongbodybyrebecca@gmail.com for your chance to win FREE Strong Body Cyber Training!!

Hopefully I will hear from many of your soon! I can’t wait to read your stories.