Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blog Genie to Design Your Blog

When I started blogging (not that long ago), I opened a Blogger account because 1) it was free and 2) it seemed the simplest to use. Shortly thereafter, I purchased my domain name and was sure I was all set with my very own “website.”  Then, about a year later, I started reading about how WordPress was the only way to go and oh, by the way, Google basically owned my blog that I worked so hard on. Self-hosted, .com, .org, hosting, domains – my brain was overwhelmed with technical stuff I apparently really knew nothing about.

So, naturally, my mind was made up fairly quickly- I wanted WordPress, knew nothing about it and somehow knew even less about how to move my current blog to WordPress. I heard my options were 1) lock myself in a room for 72 hours to do it myself and pray for a good outcome or 2) pay someone else to do it for me. Um, given my luck with technology? Option 2.

I started looking around for a company that could help me not only transfer my blog, but do a little bit of re-designing too. I scoured the Internet for reviews and intently studied other blogs I liked.

I started noticing that a lot of the sites that impressed me were built by Blog Genie so I decided to check them out and found this:

Ah! They were speaking right to me.

I contacted Rita and anxiously waited for a response. (Okay, I may have hit refresh on my email like 29 times in a row waiting for a response).

Rita contacted me and she immediately made me feel welcome and assured me she would be able to help with every step of the Blogger to WordPress conversion and blog redesign.

My Top 5 Reasons to Choose Blog Genie to Design Your Blog

1) Blog Genie offers a unique, customized design, tailored to your specifications.

Before Rita began designing my site, we emailed back and forth a number of times regarding the design I wanted. She was able to take what I explained (I wanted the color scheme to be blue/teal; I wanted a custom header similar to what I had; I wanted a distinctive, but simple layout) and crate a design that exactly matched my ideas!

Old Header

New Header designed by Blog Genie

New Menu designed by Blog Genie

Headline style layout designed by Blog Genie

My very own content thanks to Blog Genie!

2) Blog Genie offers phenomenal one-on-one support and very timely responses. 

Rita answered all of my design and WordPress questions almost immediately. Even after my design was complete, Rita still took the time to answer any WordPress questions I had and even walked me through anything I needed help with. WordPress is very different from Blogger and has taken some time (and practice) to get used to and Rita has been very patient with me in answering any questions that still come up.

3) Blog Genie provides a no hassle, user-friendly transfer to WordPress.

I did not have to do anything in regards to transfer my blog. All but a few links and images transferred (from past posts) and I fixed the issues in some of more popular posts and did not worry about the rest. Rita set up all of the widgets I had on my old blog to work on WordPress and transferred my pages too. Rita set up WordPress and my self-hosted site through Dreamhost All I had to do was log in to WordPress and start blogging!

4) With Blog Genie, you receive ongoing support through the website including freebies, tips and tutorials on how to use WordPress and all of its features.

I have used the Blog Genie tutorials to set up my share buttons, auto-posting and sidebar links. I have found the site to be very helpful in teaching me to use and navigate WordPress. Also, Rita has continued to answer any questions that have come up since she completed my design.

5) Blog Genie fits reasonably within a range of budgets.

I know the first thing I was concerned about when transferring my blog was the cost. I found that Blog Genie offers several different services and prices ranging from $197 for a transfer to WordPress to $999 for a completely custom design. I found the prices reasonable for the services and personal attention I received. Rita gave me several different design options at different price points so I could choose what was within my budget. There is definitely something for everyone at Blog Genie!

Until the next mile marker,