Racing with the FLEXR Sports Bottle

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Hydration wasn’t always an issue for me while running, but lately I have discovered that I just can’t find the perfect bottle to carry with me on my runs. With shorter runs, I don’t need my belt hydration system and I don’t like carrying a water bottle without it at least connecting to my hand in some way. Hydration is critical to athletes, including myself, and especially since my blood clot last year. Dehydration is one of the risk factors associated with blood clots and anything I can do to decrease my risk, will not only keep my healthier, but bring me peace of mind as well. Unfortunately, over this summer, I didn’t stay as hydrated as I should, especially while running and walking. Carrying a bottle became cumbersome and annoying, not to mention I forget to carry a bottle when I don’t have one I love. This Thanksgiving, I was racing with the FLEXR Sports Bottle.

I was excited to try the FLEXR Sports Bottle. FLEXR is a new, revolutionary BPA-free sports bottle with a disposable and fully biodegradable liner. Yes, you heard that right and as far as I know, it is the first sports bottle of its kind, which immediately gained my attention. I was grateful to receive the FLEXR Sports Bottle (go see the pretty colors!), the FLEXR Sports Bottle Hand Carrier with Pouch (it’s pretty much weightless) and the FLEXR Sports Neo Running Pouch (how they knew my favorite color was purple for the zipper is amazing) to try out in the Flying Feather Four Miler on Thanksgiving Day.

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I love the sleek design of all the accessories I received, everything fit and felt good for running on the morning of the race. The FLEXR bottle came pre-loaded with the biodegradable liner (and extras for me to change it or a plug if I decide not to use the liners).

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Things I Love (about the FLEXR Sports Bottle)
  • It’s extremely light-weight and the ergonomic shape make it easy to carry over any distance, short or long
  • It’s completely flexible
  • The nozzle has a patented one way jet stream valve, for accurate and precise flow, and I don’t have to squeeze too much or tilt it go get water out
  • It fits perfectly in my hand
  • The nozzle is twist so I don’t have to bite down on it and pull with my teeth, which is annoying
  • The liner makes me feel a lot better about not ingesting the germs that may have been lurking in previous (non-lined) bottles
  • The liners are BPA free and leave no weird aftertaste like some plastics
  • Technically I wouldn’t have to clean this bottle, I can just change the liner
  • Affordable ($9.95 for the 16 0z)
Things I Don’t Love Quite As Much (about the FLEXR Sports Bottle)
  • My water still sloshes even it is drastically reduced with the liner inside, but that’s not important to me to begin with
  • While the liners are really inexpensive ($2.95 for 25) and easy to change, I probably wouldn’t take the time to change them on a regular basis (I’m more likely to plug the bottle and throw it in the dishwasher)
  • Changing the liner is not very convenient, I think because my habit is to wash my bottles, not change a liner (the bottle is great liner or not)
Things I Love (About the FLEXR Accessories)
  • The fabric is quality, sweat-proof neoprene and feels great on
  • The race bib holders are removable on the running pouch
  • The hand carrier is comfortable and not too bulky
  • Both accessories can hold everything I would need on a run or at a race (ID, cash, card or two, phone)
  • They are sleek and appealing to look at in design
  • Reasonably priced ($16.95 for the pouch and $8.95 for the hand carrier)
Things I Don’t Love Quite As Much (about the Accessories)
  • I love it all

FLEXR Sports Bottles are Made in the USA and are designed by athletes, for athletes, which shows in the superior craftsmanship, sleek design, light-weight accessories and functionality. This is definitely a bottle I would invest in (even if I don’t use the liners) and is a serious competitor for iFitness Belts and Fuel Belts.

It was totally awesome racing with the FLEXR Sports Bottle and I was thrilled to have Dad join my sister and I this year!

me mollie and dad at finish line.jpg

It was totally worth the Finisher’s Prize too (I wonder if super fruit Sangria works in the FLEXR…..)

wine and medal.jpg

Connect with FLEXR on Facebook and Twitter or visit their webpage.

Tell me about you. Do you run and/or race with hydration? Do you have a hydration system you just can’t live without? Will you give FLEXR a try?

Until the next mile marker,

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Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 9

WIW graphic for post
Weekly Stats

Weight Watchers Week Number: 9

Lbs Lost this Week: – 0.6

Lbs Lost Total: – 12.4

WW Stars Earned this Week: 5 % Lost

Food of the Week

Nothing special this week. I actually felt like my eating was off and I wasn’t careful enough so I spent the week hoping my run made up for some of that (which apparently it did). I need to work on hydration majorly, that area is slipping again.

Activity of the Week

done with running cover

I ran 4 miles in 01:01/15:09 pace on Sunday and it was a great run – the first great run in a long time. Don’t miss my post about it.

Personal Weight Loss Goals (crossed off when reached)

I want to lose…
10 lbs
20 lbs
30 lbs
35 lbs
40 lbs
45 lbs
50 lbs
55 lbs
60 lbs
65 lbs
70 lbs

Personal Fitness Goals (crossed off when reached)

I will…
Run a 5K (Giant Eagle 5K; Columbus, Ohio; July 28, 2013)
Run a Quarter Marathon (Emerald City; Dublin, Ohio; August 25, 2013)
Run a Mud/Obstacle Race (Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run 5K; Columbus, Ohio September 14, 2013)
Run a Half Marathon
Start Biking


don't give up

I was more than surprised this week. I did not expect to lose anything. In fact, I expected to see a gain – and I even told a couple of friends that. So, when I weighed myself and actually found not only did I not gain, but I reached my 5 % weight-loss goal, I was ecstatic. Proof that you should never, ever give up.

Until the next mile marker,

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Make Your Summer Run a Success!

Running in the heat and humidity of summer is difficult and poses more than one challenge to runners and athletes. Even if you run at 5:30 in the morning or 10:00 at night when the sun has set, high humidity and air quality alerts not only impact your performance, but make every step miserable as well. While most of us might prefer to lounge by the pool during the dog days or hibernate inside, there are some things we can do to stay cool – and safe – when summer temps spike. Whether you are new to running or have run for years before now, below you will find some of our helpful hints to keep you running smart, safe and successful as the temperatures heat up.

Runners need to take precautions when running in the heat and humidity, including dressing properly for summer temperatures. Avoid wearing cotton because it holds sweat and doesn’t dry quickly, which can lead to painful chafing. You should be wearing synthetic fabrics (100% polyester, CoolMax, Dri-Fit, etc.) to wick moisture away from you skin so that sweat can evaporate effectively. True, technical running fabrics may cost a little more, but you will appreciate being comfortable on longer runs. You can shop for technical fabrics at regular department stores to save money or shop at your favorite running specialty shop. Be sure to dress in lightly-colored, loose-fitting clothing, which when combined with appropriate fabrics, helps your body cool naturally by allowing it to breath and by reflecting light from your skin.

You should wear sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun and unnecessary fatigue and/or headaches that may be caused by constant squinting. You can find running sunglasses and hats that are made of wicking fabrics too. Apply sunscreen before your run to provide further protection from the sun. A lot of summer running apparel is made from mesh fabrics that may not prevent damage caused by the sun. You want to be sure the areas of your skin that are not covered (including your face) are protected.

Me and Judi playing it cool last summer. (And yes, I do own more than just this one summer racing shirt!)


More summer coolness.


Also, don’t neglect your feet! I highly recommend getting fitted at a specialty running shop for footwear. The staff should be experienced at assessing your gait, pronation and running form to fit you in a pair of shoes that will keep you not only running comfortable, but help to keep you running injury-free. In addition, you should wear technical (non-cotton!) socks to keep your feet cool and dry. Wet feet can lead to blisters, which can be painful enough to sideline you for a run. As with clothing, you should look for socks that are made from polyester, acrylic or other wicking materials. You should not double up on wearing socks, which can cause chaffing and blistering as well. Ladies, it is also beneficial to get fitted for a sports bra. While I know many ladies who double up on sports bras, I do not recommend it because it is uncomfortable, hot, causes chaffing and does not adequately provide support, especially if you have a larger bust. There are bras that will fit you – you just have to find them and a running shop can help you do just that! These are two of my favorite options as a “larger” lady:


Moving Comfort Fiona -This is great if you are looking for functionality and style.Love the adjustable straps!


The Enell – Self conscious?Your girls will not move an inch in this baby!

The easiest way to avoid complications from heat is to keep your body hydrated. This means drinking water before, during and after your workouts. You may want to invest in an inexpensive water bottle to carry with you during the day so you have no excuse not to drink. Listen to your body and don’t wait until you are thirsty to start drinking, you should be well hydrated before you even set foot outside to run. I have postponed a run due to inadequate hydration.

Recognizing symptoms of heat illness is also very important. Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. If you experience any of these symptoms stop running immediately – find shade, cool water and fan yourself with a shirt or other item if possible. You want to keep the air moving around you. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention right away.

If you are going to be running or exercising longer than 30 minutes, you should be consuming both water and an electrolyte sports drink (I prefer Gatorade). Drinking a sports drink like Gatorade helps to replace salt, electrolytes and other minerals that are lost when you sweat. With warmer temperatures and longer runs, you may want to consider carrying your own hydration or having it readily available on your run or during your workout. You can find a variety of hydration belts or handhelds at running stores or online. I used to think a hydration belt would be awkward to wear, especially in the heat, but after just a couple of runs, it became part of my regular gear and now I feel like I am missing something when I head out without it. I have literally tried just about everything out there. iFitness is my favorite:

iFitness 12 oz Hydration BeltLove that it sits low on the hips.Plenty of room for gel and personal effects like a phone, plus you can add extra pockets.Love that it has a race bib holder, no more ripped up bibs or shirts!

It’s important to remember not to push yourself too hard this summer to take weather conditions into consideration when running. Hot and humid conditions are not the time to push the pace and it is okay to slow down in extreme conditions. Don’t be afraid to slow down, take walking breaks, or even take a moment to rest and hydrate while out on your run. Save your hard efforts and maximum exertion for more favorable weather conditions – don’t try to beat the heat! While following the schedule is important, it should not be your religion. If you need to adjust your schedule, pace or mileage due to fatigue or heart, don’t be afraid to do so. Listen to your body!

What are your favorite tips to stay cool during a summer workout? Please share!

Until the next mile marker,