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As runners, it seems like we always have a cause – a race, fundraiser, or event – that requires some kind of shirt. I know I own more race shirts than regular clothes alone and the shirt is really what matters when it comes to race swag. I like wearing custom designed T-shirts that support other causes too, even if it is not a technical shirt I got in a race. Sometimes, I wish I had more running shirts that were just regular shirts to wear when I am hanging out at home our out and about running errands. I don’t always want to wear a technical shirt so I like that a lot of races, commonly 5K’s that support a cause, offer cotton tees I can wear when I am not running and still feel good about my accomplishments and the cause I supported with a race entry fee. Do you have a race you’re organizing? A fundraiser you’re in charge of or what to design your own non-technical running shirt? Go straight to the Allied Shirts Design Studio where you can make, share and wear your own creations. You can make custom T-shirts, sweatshirts and even hoodies with Allied shirts and the design studio is really simple to use. It works a lot like a photo-editing program would work and you can completely lay out your design (front and back) and preview before you order-

design 1

The prices are really reasonable and vary depending on how many shirts you want to order. My favorite feature is that you can just design and order one shirt if you want to! It’s about $22 for one shirt and the prices go down, the more you order-

checkout preview

The Allied Shirts Design Studio also has a large variety of fonts, graphics and colors to choose from, including running graphics-


I wanted to make something simple to go with a pair of pink polka-dot pajama bottoms I have so this is what I created (back)-

Shirt I made final

Tell me about you. Have you used Allied Shirts before? Do you need custom shirts for any of your big plans in 2014?

Until the next mile marker,

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Please note,  I was not compensated for this review nor was I asked to write a positive one. Thank you to Allied Shirts for providing me with a shirt to design and review!