It’s a Wrap! #28DBC Days 15-21

It’s the second to last week of the 28-Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick. I have enjoyed this challenge so much and have been learning a lot:

This week was a little more stressful for me because I did some work with my blog domain that was not only difficult, but I spent about 24 hours worried I would somehow delete my blog. I did manage to cause the site to go down for a little while, but Dreamhost was able to fix it in no time, which makes me even happier I moved all of my business to them. Here’s what I accomplished this week:

  • I moved my domain and email to DreamHost so now all of my services are handled there, including hosting. I love DreamHost!
  • I published by blog to Kindle! I’m pretty excited about that, and I am hoping to expand my reader base, including gaining new readers who are searching for specific things to read in the Kindle store.

  • I’m still replying to all comments left on my blog and staying caught up on subscriptions I follow in Google Reader.
  • I started following two new blogs this week, both are very inspirational (so visit them too!): Ann’s Running Commentary and Beyond Limits Magazine.

Have any of you published your blogs to Kindle? Has it brought in new readers for you?

What have you learned from the #28DBC? Share any blogging tips you have in the comments below!

Until the next mile marker,