Am I Goofy or What? Week #13 Training Recap

This recap is brought to you by…
Laurie and Me!!
After what was a horrible training week for me, Laurie and I ran-walked-moved for 18 miles on Sunday! It was a PDR for Laurie and she reached a 1,000 moving miles for 2011 – go congratulate her on these amazing accomplishments! For me, it was a huge confidence booster to run-walk for 18 miles, even though it was a little slower than I had hoped. We finished in 4 hours and 44 minutes. I was feeling good until about 14 miles when I hit a wall and every step started to hurt. Laurie really pulled me through by keeping my mind off what we were doing and talking to me about anything but the run. It was so helpful. I think it is funny that our halfway point was so close to the car (Mile 9), but we turned around and went all the way back instead:
It was definitely a fun and eventful run. At ½ a mile Laurie had to wade through mud puddles while I jumped over a ravine (awesome for Runner’s Knee, of course) and we both got freaked out by live sheep and a dead deer – in the same area. We stopped in the Westerville Rec Center on the way out and back to refuel and relieve too. Then, also in Westerville, we ran into the Holiday Parade and even saw Santa. He waved at us from atop his floating sleigh. Here are some scenes from the parade (sorry, I couldn’t stop again to get a picture of Santa!):
We were the only parade-goers in running clothes that I saw. We should have just joined in at the end for our return trip!  
Am I Goofy or what?! My Weekly Training Recap:  
  • TUES 11/29 Run for time; 1 mile in 20 minutes; Stopped due to knee pain.
  • SUN 12/04Ran-walked 18 miles in 4 hours 45 minutes; 15:44 pace per mile.


I am very pleased to announce that I have reinstated my Losing It column as a means of getting back on track with weight loss. Not to mention, the HBBC is helping to hold me accountable for eating healthy! Drumroll please…

My Weekly Weight Loss:

YAY! I’ve been tracking what I eat with FatSecret because it is really easy to use as a mobile app, watching portion sizes and consuming a lot of water! So very excited about this!

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Did anyone participate in a holiday run? 

Until the next mile marker, 

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