I meet Kathrine, YOU get a 26.2 MARATHON WOMAN GIVEAWAY!

All in all, I would say I am pretty lucky to be living in Columbus, Ohio and have the support and friendship of a huge and growing running community. I am proud and excited to me part of the movement that is Fleet Feet Columbus and if I had not met the people there and started running with MIT two years ago, I know I would not be where I am today. My running buddies have been there with me through the happy times and helped me cope with one of the most difficult times in my life, losing my mother this April. We’ve run racestogether, laughed together, cried together and grown together as a family. Fleet Feet always seems to take care of us – whether it be putting water out on the trails at 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, providing access to community medical providers or hosting a meet and greet with the legendary of Bart Yasso – they’re awesome like that!
Yesterday was no different because Fleet Feet hosted a morning with none other than the Marathon Woman…
Kathrine Switzer! 

Kathrine speaking at Fleet Feet Columbus
Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entrant in 1967, five years before women were officially granted entry to the event. She was able to finish the race despite attempts by race officials to remove her from the course. Challenging what was at that time a male dominated sport, Kathrine became an inspiration to many women looking to excel in sports and bridge what was a huge gender barrier. You may remember seeing this photograph:

Kathrine is running (Bib #261) as race officials try to stop her during the Boston Marathon

With the help of Katherine’s work, equal opportunities for women have emerged all around the globe. Since Boston, Kathrine has gone one to run numerous marathons including a personal best of 2:51.33! She has gone on to be the driving force behind the first women’s Olympic marathon, has been a television broadcaster and now an author and public speaker. Her books, 26.2 Marathon Stories, Running and Walking for Women Over 40, and Marathon Woman have sold millions of copies worldwide.

I am still grinning from ear to ear that I got to meet her!
Not only that, but she ran with us (okay, not me because she is a lot faster than me, even though she calls herself slow) for our Saturday morning workout. She looked gorgeous!
Kathrine (middle) with a group of MITers!
Kathrine’s talk was so inspiring – I could have listened to her talk all day! She talked about so many things – including the 1967 Boston Marathon – but primarily about the movement she has seen in running as pioneered by women themselves. Kathrine really believes that running brings women – and also men – together like no other sport. She talked about how running makes us stronger and happier and allows to accomplish what was once thought to be impossible. Running pushes us to the extreme and the possibilities in running – both now and in the future – are limitless.
The Lucky 13’s with Kathrine and our newest ‘lil runner – Avery!
Avery spent many miles running with us over the past several months while still inside her Mommy’s tummy . Since Kathrine was the first celebrity she has ever met (she’s only 3 weeks old!), we know she will grow up to be a Marathon Woman too! Think I’m kidding? This girl already has her very own pair of Nike running shoes!
The Giveaway
Don’t think I forget about you, Blogland! 😉 I know most of you guys probably have not have the opportunity to meet Kathrine, but I did pick up a few extra things for you and put together the 26.2 Marathon Woman Prize Pack:
Item #1
A signed hardcover copy of 26.2: Marathon Stories by Kathrine Switzer and Roger Robinson (also signed by both authors!). But wait, you haven’t run a marathon yet? This book is “For anyone who has ever run a marathon or dreamed of doing so, 26.2: Marathon Stories is the ultimate tribute. And the ultimate inspiration.” Katherine said she is really proud of this book because not only does it have stunning photographs throughout, but it tells the history of the marathon. She said you cannot read this book without learning something, as well as being inspired – no matter what distances you run.


Item #2

Marathon Woman charm/shoe tag. It is inscribed with MW Fearless on the front and 261 (Kathrine’s Bib # during Boston) with an artist representation of Kathrine on the back. Kathrine said it is made of pewter and if worn on your shoe “gets you a guaranteed PR in your next race!”

Item #3

TWO Marathon Woman bracelets. Kathrine wears hers on her wrist and it doubles as a hair tie when she needs it! It also has 261 inscribed on the back. 
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Until the next mile marker,