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One of the questions I get (and see) on a regular basis is, “How can I keep track of my runs if I don’t have a Garmin?” When I started running, I wondered the same thing. I relied on those I ran with to let me know the distance and pace or mapped out my route before I left my house and kept track of how long I was gone to get an idea of overall time and pace. I saved up after a second summer job to buy my Garmin so I understand they are expensive and not something everyone wants to go out (or can go out) and buy from the beginning. If you were debating on quality shoes or a sports bra, I would say “spend the money now,” but I don’t think you need a Garmin to start running. You can start your training with Runtastic.

It is exciting and inspirational for new runners to keep track of their workouts, especially as they start to make progress. So, what if you are looking for an inexpensive and versatile tool to keep track of your workouts? With Smartphones nowadays, which most of us happen to have, you can now download a phone app – often at no cost – to test out and start keeping track of all of your runs!

I recently downloaded the free Runtastic app and am grateful to have received the Pro upgrade at no cost for the purposes of this review. Please keep in mind, you can download the FREE version in the iTunes/app store and still receive most of the same great features to meet your training needs.

What I like most about the Runtastic app is that it is very simple and hassle-free to use and still captures a wide variety of data – even with the free version.

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You can keep track of a lot of data with Runtastic inclusing route, distance, pace, speed, time, elevation, intensity, calories burned and you can even add in a heart rate monitor. One of the things I like about this app is it is very versatile in keeping track of as much or as little detail as you want. The app also has a voice component that can recap each mile (or distance of your choice) to you. You can also play music through the app from your iTunes/MP3 playlist. I especially like that you can set a powersong to play at the touch of a button if you need a little extra kick in your workout. Find out about more of the features and if Runtastic is available for your smartphone HERE.

Distance and Pace

Runtastic also keeps a log of your workouts and activity and you can upload it to the website directly from your phone or use the app as your primary source of information. I like that the website has a community component to it where you can check in with friends and post your progress to receive feedback, which is great for beginners and veterans alike. With each workout, you can add your own notes and select the weather conditions as well, which provides for a very detailed training log. I believe it is very valuable for new and experienced runners to keep a training log to reflect on your run and note the things that went well and the things that didn’t.

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So, if you are a runner/walker who is looking for a way to track your training, but you are not ready to purchase what can be a pricy GPS device, look into Runtastic! You can download the app for free and try it.

What about you? Have you used Runtastic? What is your favorite way to log your miles? Do you use a GPS watch or an app to keep track of your workouts?

Until the next mile marker,

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