It Only Takes One Insta(gram)nt…

Hello, my name is Sara, and I have an addiction to social media. Step One is admitting it.

Remember when all we had was the old AIM? Does anyone know if that even still exists? Never mind, I probably shouldn’t know. As if onetwo three four five social media platforms were not enough, I now have a sixth one.
Welcome to Instagram. In one instant, I was hooked. 

(Note: Many thanks to my dear friend Julia at Pain, Pride and Perseverance for introducing me to this awesome new addiction! I always wondered how you got such fabulous photos.)
Combined with Picframe and Camera+ (both iPhone apps) there is no limit to what I can create. It’s practically a Blogger’s dream come true.  
So, what better way is there to spend Mother’s Day then playing with photography apps for hours on end?
My mother-in-law has been wishing for a picture of all the family’s dogs to hang on her refrigerator (we got her a magnetic picture frame from Disney World with all of the Disney dogs on it) and our attempts at lining five of them up for a group photo have been less than successful. We’re lucky to get two or three together. Enter Picframe: 
Do you know how long it took me just to get each one?!
Lady is my sister-in-law’s, Grace and Sadie are mine and Mollie and Maggie are my mother-in-law’s. We love dogs, could you tell? I would say Lady was the most photogenic yesterday. Sadie was just plain horrified that I wanted to take her picture?!
Really, Mama?!
My mother-in-law wanted help with her flower beds for Mother’s Day so we spent the afternoon shopping for flowers and planting them. 
Herbs and purple daisies. 

I have decided I love Foxglove!
I also got some herbs for our garden: Orange Mint, Chocolate Mint, Flat Leaf Parsley and Cilantro. I can’t wait to plant them and start using them!

If you’re on Instagram – I’d love to follow you and see your photos too! I am @wordstorunby.
To all the mothers, I hope you had a fabulous day full of family, friends and fun. 
Until the next mile marker,